Thursday, July 8, 2010

“Why do I deserve an Android phone?”

Why do you deserve an Android phone? A very, very convincing answer.

Because I'm a stupid fan and excited viewer of stupendous
Because it's more than just a blog i can say that the man behind this tech marvelous creation.
I can called him Bill Gates Jr. or Steve Jobs Jr a gifted, code maniac, multitask moron, talented IT guy!!!
I learn a lot from this great blog, because its more than just a blog its also an education hub.

Where winner's,  IT professionals and blogger's meet (Winning Circle of Friends) I like to recommend and work with this guy!!!
If you view the profile of this guy it means wisdom. Imagine the minds of a remarkable and hardworking DOST scholars?

So many things to say but let the action speaks louder than words, for itself because i know jehzlau is a very busy professional. Keep up the Great creation and inspiring the whole world and people like me.


Semidoppel said...

Gud luck sa atin

jayson biadog said...

Nice entry!Semidoppel, goodluck stin Thanks!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha! bill gates jr huh? woooooot! thanks for joining! hehee

jayson biadog said...

yup jez! btw i need you help to promote this contest u may join to