Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Red Racing and Adventure Team Every Next 3 Years

HOT! Free Red Racing and Adventure Team Every Next 3 Years

Get Ready for Free Red Racing in Subic all the way to Italy Racing this 2010
and in every next 3 years. Be Excite the adrenaline rush with Ducati Motor, 4x4 of road, Ferrari's, Alfa Romeo's, Go Carts and a lot of my lady cars in non stop action in race motor sports.... 

Please See Rules:

Team Armageddon in Action!
Prepare to Launch!

Racers of the Next Generation

Always Remember Synergy at the Pit Stop/ Follow Command Center/ Listen to Coaching

Double Check your Engine, Tires and Safety First!
Chemistry of the Driver with the Machine
Always condition yourself and the motor
Brake slowly at the Entry before curve
Follow your Motor Chemistry 
Accelerate at the APEX beat other racers at the Curve!
Enjoy the Thrill!
Accelerate full throttle in the Straight line
Don't look Behind!
Don't zigzag or play exhibition!
Very Dangerous!

Join Racing here in the Winner's Place!
So apply and Register now..burn some tires and cough some cash...
Let Drive the Ferrari, Alfa romeo and Red Racing Cars courtesy of Marlboro!
My Batches Wujum and Gaby

It was just last 2007 still the torque and red diesoline keep beeping and
rotating so fast vividly in my mind. with the soundtrack of Metallica, Tokyo Drift and 2fast2furiuos. It was my remarkable Racing days with Marlboro.
Since i applied for 2004 Utah Adventure Team! I was the lucky top 50 out of half a million chosen by the Marlboro Red Racing School 2007 Team.
To do some great red racing, schooling from engine to pit stop assemble and teamwork for free.

Remember! Always start with the Basic like Computer Simulation and GoCarts

So never race on the Streets!
Winner's Race on Track all the way to the podium.

 Safety First Don't Drink and Drive I signed the Pact!
 Lets all sign and do the Pact!Be Responsible Citizens

So i learn a lot with the presence of Racing International Instructor and a non stop party after at 1Esplanade
and Manila Peninsula Hotel.

I feel like I'm Valentino Rossi Jr. in the Victory Party 2007
See you in the Next Racing, Keep on Winning
We are all winner's here in the Winner's Place!!!


Jayson R. Biadog said...

Govenment warning: cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

vanessar said...

red racing school..nice!

Jayson R. Biadog said...

You join if its nice! Good luck!!!Seek jojo advice

abenk said...

it's nice blog..... i like it..
pleased to meet your blog...
please VISIT ME...OK...thank u very much

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Abenk!