Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Win Marco Polo Hotel Accommodation w/ Breakfast and Dollars

After winning those various local and international contest, its now time to give back some blessings. I'm having a worldwide contest on my blog because my readers and audience are worldwide. I experienced cool marco polo hotel hongkong treatment twice. When a went to Disneyland last 2009 and 2010. They have the best professional service, perfect view of Kowloon Bay, Avenue of the stars, mall inside hotel, world class facilities, state of the art amenities, coolest drivers, friendly staff and new Mercedes Benz smooth service fleet.

Simple easy and short to win Win Marco Polo Davao Hotel Accommodation w/ Breakfast and Dollars.
1st Prize: Marco Polo Hotel Davao Deluxe Hotel overnight accommodation with breakfast for 2:
2nd Prize : US $20 will be given via paypal
3rd Prize :  US $10 will be given via paypal

Easy Just Like my blog services facebook fanpage or follow me on or promote this contest to your friends and post below your email and link. I will ship the Marco Polo Hotel GC to  the winner. Winners will be drawn via on November 5, 2011 so anybody are free to join anywhere, So easy and simple right?


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all of you are qualified this is a very easy contest. @dante sure @amity when you win its ok now your entry counted. keep on joining guys!

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Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Keep on going guys! all valid so far.. thanks to Joyce of PR Asia for Marco Polo!

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Travel Food Movie Blog said...

1-106 based on all comments..

lucky numbers are;

53 - 3rd $10 Karen Chayne Sanchez
76 -2nd $20 Jason Demaisip
101 -1st Marco Polo Rhozallino C. Ramones

Karen, Jayson please comment your paypal ID for transfer and Rhoz pls comment your mailing address for marco polo GC..

Congrats Guyz! Lucky Strike!!

Kayce said...

Woohoo! so happy to know that I'm one of the winners :) here's my paypal email:

Thank you Jayson ^_^

rhozallino said...

Thank You Very much!

this is my mailing address:
FEU, IARFA Office, 3rd Floor LAW Building, Nicanor Reyes Sr. St., Sampaloc Manila 1008 Philippines

nannette said...

congrats to all winners!!! ang lucky nyo naman,,,kailan kaya swerte ko??? u

Travel Food Movie Blog said... will send your prize today congrats!

marami pa dyan nanette! keep on joining!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

payment sent today to karen today..jason email mu paypal please?..wait lng shipping rhoza will send it today

jason said...

WOW!! Here's my paypal add:

Thank you so much!

nannette said...

congrats to all,especially jason

rhozallino said...

Thanks! im waiting the mail..

rhozallino said...


Hello! To inform you.until now i did'nt recieved the marco polo GC.

thank you very much!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

rhozalino 4-5 regular biz days..bka next week.. jason send you paypal now pls chck if u got it..

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Travel Food Movie Blog said...

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pimalai said...

Hooray! There's another contest. Let me just grab a few friends to make things more interesting.