Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Credit Card Secret

Using credit cards have a huge benefit if used wisely and cruel enemy when abused. The transaction goes faster and better with the use of this credit card global system. It can give you discount, convenience and rewards. For instance I want to book international flight and hotel i can do it right away in just a minute. 

Even in the middle of the night using my credit card, weekends or time where i'm convenient of making transaction. Rather calling or going to travel agency flight booking location which takes an hour of travel or queue in its office. Also its round the clock and i don't need to wait for normal business hours.

Purchase order are so easy because its globally accepted. You don't need to go to office depot, staples or office warehouse just to buy 2-5 office items. Just shop online using your credit card and it will b deliver to your office or home conveniently. It can be delivered right away to my door or office steps right away or next business day. You can make people happy by purchasing roses or gifts online using this credit card. And send it to anybody you love in the world in whatever occasion.

Also i can use my credit card to purchase domain name registration for this blog. Its not hassle, because my receipt is stored in the cloud i can pull them out anywhere for accounting. Or even renew my license or software that i used for professional service. That's the secret power and convenience of credit card it can save you time. As well as builds your long tern credibility via credit card history or credit card ratings

Because I believe that the trustworthiness of a certain person is can be measured according to its debt. You need to pay for your financial responsibility on time and spend to what you are only capable of. So if you still don't have this card you can start apply for a credit card here.

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