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Call Center Broker / BPO Summit Manila $ 2012

Oct 27, 2012 Sat 8am to 6pm Venue Tanghalang Pasigueño Main Theater
At the Back of Pasig City, City Hall Approx 1, 400 seats/participants 
Ticket Price 3500 pesos paid Oct 19, 2012  onwards or onsite reg
Early Bird Pay Only 3000 pesos Tickets purchase before Oct 18, 2012
VAT, lunch and 2 AM/PM snacks included

Hot Topics   - Running a Call Center Operations
-Outsourcing Campaigns Worldwide
-Outbound Sales Campaigns US and Canada
-US Call Center Broker
-Running a yellow page Campaign
-Call Center Cost Analysis
-Industry Leaders Multimillion $ Pitch
-Telemarketing Campaigns

Call Center Outsourcing Trade Secrets Revealed
For more info speakers slot and sponsorship contact 09279896797
   9980883/0917 2433920
Speakers Line Up: Foreign and Local Call Center BPO Executives - 18 hot Call Center BPO Recognize Experts Topics, 20 Speakers, 1400 expected participants, 1 day of great event, connect to the World Network of Call Center Pros, Live Interaction Intervals, Close Some Deals Brokers!!!

AM- Morning Session
8:00-8:10 Opening  (Welcome Delegates - Maybe a Speech From Senator Mar Roxas - Father of Call Center or Any Govt Incharge or Call Center Expert )
Module 1 - Biz Dev/ BPO Hottest Campaign in the Philippines
8:10-8:30  "A Decade of Outsourcing in the Philippines" By Rebecca "Tuesday" OntiverosDirector for Business Development & Project Management for GBiZ Consultancy & Outsourcing Services.

She’s been in the industry for more than a decade now and have been focusing on Business Development & Project Management for the longest time. She has developed several small businesses in the US, turned them into campaigns and marketed each of it to several call centers within and outside Metro Manila. 

Worked as a BPO – Call Center Consultant for several years setting up call centers, re-engineering call centers who failed to succeed on their first year, handled Project & Operations Management, Developed a Reporting System for both Operations & QA, Designed Training Modules, and Conducted an In-Depth Sales Training for Outbound Call Centers.

Her market for BPO weren’t just concentrated in the United States but also in Australia, UK and recently the Asian Countries for English On-Line Academy.
Module 2: Outsourcing 5000 Seat for Language Call Center Worldwide
8:40-9:00  (For Co Approval) "Langauge Call Center/BPO Partnership" By Craig Almaguer - Sales Executive based in HQ CA, USA. He will fly from US to discuss things about his co. And successful previous relationship with GenPac in India and Sitel in the Philippines. Also he is looking for Philippines based BPO/call centers all world language tied up.

Craig has a diverse and extensive background in developing projects and a deep commitment to the craft of sales, marketing, events, and recruitment.

In the early ‘90s, Craig lead some of the most success Sales Recruitment Teams in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.  From Managing and Recruiting Craig spent 8 years with AT&T (formerly SBC and Pacific Bell) and was instrumental in building California’s internet backbone with an Internet Team throughout California.  From there, Craig migrated into the SBC Public Sector and Health Care space handling multi-million dollar budgets with customers like Blue Shield/Blue Cross, and Catholic Health Care West.

In early 2002, Craig skillfully reinvented himself as a General Contractor/Builder and over the next 6 years created some of the most beautiful, efficient, and artful projects in Northern California.

Craig later became the Sales Director and Business Development Manager for Mexican/US Call Center, BerkUSA. Craig acted as Recruiting Director and Sales Manager running sales campaigns with BerkUSA. On many occasions, Craig took on the role Event Director or VP of Sales for campaigns that included AT&T  and The Technology & Higher Education Conference in 2010.

Craig currently holds the title of Senior Sales Executive and Territory Manager for Language Line Services. Over the past 18 months, Craig has been developing programs with most of the Fortune 500 in the Central South Territory of the US. Craig’s passion for Language Support Services shows as he is helping Call Centers improve their metrics and increasing revenues through a potentially untapped market with the Multicultural customer. Language Line Services is the largest and oldest Language Service Provider in the US and specializes in Interpretation and Translation Services for the Call Center Industry.
9:00-9:10  Question and Answer

Module 3 - Sales Outbound Telemarketing
8:50-9:20  "Running a Call Center Campaign Outbound" - Edgar Buenaventura - Top Agent/Top Supervisor/Freelancer He is the Top Account Manager as well. Who is responsible for closing those deals in the actual call center operations hands on. (, US Directory, MIS, POS Terminal,  G3 Telecom) with another 2 Panels (Your Co).
9:00-9:10  Question and Answer

Module 4  CLEARVISION OUTSOURCING is engaged in --BPO `New Media' Marketing
For Nelda, SKILLSHOP is the culmination into reality of a passion to INSPIRE. To TEACH. To SHARE the wealth of wisdom she honed from over 20 years of senior management experience in the corporate workplace.

Nelda brings into the SKILLSHOP learning process a unique dimension fuelled by hands-on professional management experience in the human capital-intensive customer service industries, particularly in telecommunications, information and communications technology, and the phenomenally-expanding off shoring and outsourcing (O & O ) industries.

Propelled by the power of Internet-enabled technology, Nelda has led multi-cultural teams of varying age groups and diverse disciplines to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. An effective enabler, she has successfully managed mission-critical operations in the dynamic and challenging fields of cable television, telephony, E-commerce, customer contact center services, and knowledge process outsourcing, by overseeing transitions, driving transformation, expanding talent and developing human potential.

By balancing theory and practice, Nelda has thrived in imparting this wealth of knowledge through training. She has also ably facilitated business workshops not only in the Philippines but also in the United States, serving as resource person for various subject matter, most notable of which is the business process outsourcing ( BPO ) industry in the Philippines. She has served as consultant to foreign organizations outsourcing their business and knowledge processes to the Philippines, either for start- up requirements or for performance improvement of human resources. In any case, each learning solution is characterized by the attainment of well-defined objectives, delivered in a most stimulating manner, designed to be an enjoyable, inspirational and memorable experience.

Nelda holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Education and post-graduate studies in Business Management, both from the University of the Philippines. She attended St. Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

also see  
9:30-9:40  Question and Answer
Module 5 -   Your Co Here
Module 6: Call Center/BPO for Entreprenuers
10:10-10:30   "BPO Call Center Operations for Entreprenuer" by Khoa BuiKhoa is a Call Center Veteran from Canada and Australia, Best selling author, international speaker, corporate trainer, blogger and entrepreneur. He has been featured on TV, Radio and Magazines and he has a passion for traveling the world, public speaking, writing books and building online empires. He also loves to write fast as well.  Khoa is the founder of the site “Secrets Entrepreneur” where he shares with you tips, strategies and ideas that help people create more wealth by becoming an entrepreneur.
10:30-10:40  Question and Answer
Module 7: BPO and Outsourcing Media Success 
10:40-11:00  "Media Outsourcing Stories Success" by Emily Altomonte- Abrera, Chairman Emeritus, McCann Erickson Philippines - President, Advisor Media Alliance Asia, Corporate Media BPO/Call Center Speaker, President Foundation for Communication Initiatives.
11:10-11:30  Question and Answer
Module 8   Labor, Tax, Business and HR Law for Call Center BPO 
11:30-11:50  "How to Handle Stress & How to Handle Disgruntled Clients; Grievance Machinery and Conflict Resolution"  By ATTY. ETHELWOLDA CABAILO-ALDEA 

A legal and a business administration practitioner. At present, she acts as the Hospital Administrator of the Ospital ng Muntinlupa. Since duly authorized by the Local Government of Muntinlupa to practice law, she represents the Law Office as its Managing Partner. This May 2009 she just finished her post-graduate course, Masters in Hospital Administration at the University of the Philippines Manila. 

She is previously the Dean of Student Affairs of St. Paul University Quezon City and with almost 10 years experience in Education and Training. In 2005 with her post-graduate Teacher Education Course in De La Salle University, Taft Manila at the top her class. 

She has work exposures in the field of Communication, Sales and Media when she became one of the Regional Managers of a Multi-National Beauty Company sometime in 2001-2003; worked as the executive producer, writer and researcher of a Local Cable Network in 2002; became part of the GMA Channel 7 production and research team in 1995; engaged in the JWalter Thompson Advertising Management Trainee in 1995. 

Due to her consistency as Dean’s Lister in St. Paul University after being awarded as the lone Academic Awardee and Thesis Awardee in her Mass Communication Course in 1995, she received her post-graduate academic scholarship at UTS Oxford, School of English at Oxford, England in 1995-1996 and Culture and Arts scholarship with the Performing Arts Group in London England, also in the same school year.

11:50-12:00  Question and Answer

Lunch Break
12:00-12:15  Lunch/Networking/Entertainment/Raffle Prizes from Sponsors

12:15-12:50  Lunch/Commercial Break/Sponsors

"We got Raffles and lot of Surprise Games/Prizes from Genebra San Miguel Barako Bull and Sponsors"

PM - Afternoon Session

Module 9 
12:50-1:10  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic)

1:10-1:20  Question and Answer

Module 10 - Coaching-Training BPO Experts / Call Center Leaders
1:20-1:40   “Leadership in the BPO Industry” By Mike Blanco - Former Pacific Hub Training Director, Local Call Center Operator/Owner. He shared the 7th HabitMaxwell Coaching Leadership Style Techniques to us Call Center BPO leaders to become effective in managing campaigns.  

“With 10 years of working experience in the BPO industry, our speaker rose from the ranks to reach where he is right now. Finding his niche in the BPO industry didn’t come easy, from being a Telemarketer, to a CSR, he found his place in the training department. 

Belonging to a sunshine industry proved best for him since he himself was new to it.  It didn’t hinder him though to widen his horizons. It’s been almost a year since he retired from the banking and financial services of BPO, he is now in the solar panel manufacturing industry. Mike Blanco is now Sunpower Corporation’s Training and OD Manager.”
1:40-1:50  Question and Answer
Module 11:  Beyond BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Leadership Services
1:50-2:10  "Emergent Leadership": Call Center Culture Shift" By Dave Francisco - Sr. Organizational Development and ACCORD Department Lead Program Designer and Implementer at Acquire Asia Pacific
Module 12 BPO on Software Application and Social Media
2:20-2:40  "Outsourcing Social Media Work" by Janette Toral

Janette co-founded the Philippine Internet Commerce Society in 1997 and lobbied for the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law. She published her e-commerce book in the year 2000 that gave birth to She is the first Filipino author published by McGraw-Hill Education Asia.

She pushed for CMM/CMMI adoption in 2001 that made it to the government's priority ICT development program. She continues this advocacy to date.

She started the DigitalFilipino Club ( in December 2003 that serves as an e-commerce advocacy, research, consulting, advertising, and training platform.

Janette is a recipient of the DTI/CITEM E-Services Philippines E-Champion Award 2008 for Policy Development following Senators Magsaysay and Roxas.

In April 2009, she expanded her blog marketing business by collaborating on the formation of Blog4Reviews.

In February 4, 2010, Janette attained Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance. She partnered as well with BlueBlade Technologies (now eLearning Edge) to launch the Ateneo-DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneur Program.

In March 9, 2012, Janette attained Certified Scrum Product Owner from Scrum Alliance
2:40-2:50  Question and Answer

Module 13 
2:50-3:10  Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Topic)

3:10-3:20  Question and Answer
Module 14 - Financing a Campaign & Running an Outbound Operations
3:20-3:40  "Running an Outbound Online Business Directory, Yellow Page Sales Campaign US/CA" - By Jayson Biadog, Former Top Agent, Top Team Supervisor, Hands-on on the actual BPO Operations, Account Manager G3 Telecom, Call Center Broker, Digital Strategist.

3:40-3:50  Question and Answer

Module 15: Call Center BPO Software, CRM and Web Development
3:50-4:10  By Kristoffer de Guzman, CeMC Founder, President and CEO

Plan Z Web Technologies
A Philippine based IT - BPO company, Plan Z Web Technologies (or simply Plan Z), is in the business of helping businesses in utilizing technology to satisfy their customers, and to reach their financial success. Currently, we are servicing a handful of Fortune 100 and Fortune500 companies both locally and globally, providing end-to-end solutions to our partners. Contact us today so that we could help you grow your business exponentially. 

Owner of [SideDrift] Designs produces highest quality interactive web sites, logos, templates and flash animations. As you had already noticed their specialization is professional web site design and maintenance. As professional web designers ,developers, Internet Marketers and Internet Reputation Repair Specialists, they haveproduced and developed many web sites utilizing formats including, but not limited to Ajax, PHP, MySQL, SQL, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript,, XHTML, XML, Admin Panel, Content Management System (CMS), ecommerce web site solutions, car portals, real estate portals, internet reputation repair / internet defamation repair, reputation defender, website redesign, creation of logos, slogans, trade marks, CD covers, company identification cards, business card designs, user interfaces and maintenance of web projects on the Internet including marketing services. 

Founder: DeviateJuan Hosting provides affordable yet very reliable hosting for Philippine based companies.

4:10-4:20  Question and Answer

Module 16
4:20-4:40  Sponsors Your Co Here (BPO Call Center Operations Products)
4:40-4:50  Question and Answer

Module 17: Running a 130 Seater US and Australian Sales Campaign
4:50-5:10 "Managing Outbound & Offshore Accounts". By Aldwin Nicolai Santos Oneglobal Operations Manager, Top SEO, eCommerce and US Website Builder Solutions Closer, Sure Connect Operations Manager, AT&T US Top Campaign Manager, Managing Partner MXP Max Professional Philippines.

5:10-5:20  Question and Answer

Module 18: Creating Customers for Life! - Applications of a call center solution for non-call center organizations
5:20-5:40  Raffy Pekson II, VP for Sales & Marketing GoAutoDial Inc.

"A practical, passionate, creative, protective and honest business professional."

I have a keen sense of practical business management and have always been a fervent troubleshooter with a penchant for creative means of doing things, a protective compliance to the bottom line, and a passionate and honest heart to fulfill sound objectives.

I possess solid leadership, management and technical skills due to my 26 years of in-depth, hands-on work experience in information technology, consumer goods manufacturing, retail and direct sales, media marketing & publishing, events management, entrepreneurship, telecommunications, online marketing and call center industries.

With this, I am very experienced in the fields of sales, marketing and customer service and support management, recruitment and hiring, corporate training, public speaking, business development, revenue management, and online social media marketing and networking. 

5:40-5:50  Question and Answer

5:50-6:00 PM - Closing Remarks (Maybe a Speech From Sen Roxas Father of Call Center or Any Govt In-charge or Call Center Expert)

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Event Host/Panel
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Would your company like to sponsor this event? Around 1,400 call center BPO brokers are expected to join. The main decision maker TOP CEO, Broker, Call Center Pros, Freelancer, Start Up BPO's in the Call Center Outsourcing Industry. You can get potential clients and biz partnership here. Also see how call center operations software/hardware, government, from commercial places to pizza, coffee shops, events, hotels to catering n  biz x deals is closed. 

To supply a call center company from 10 seats  to thousand of employees. As the industry grows rapidly. Merging of campaigns and partnerships. I witnessed before a multimillion $ relationship and long term partnership start at this kind of expo. For Govt lets bring the Call Center ICT operation on your Home-city or Town. To boost your employment, revenue and taxation.

25k pesos Bronze Sponsors (booth + flyers insert +token+blogs+ social media promotion), 2 free delegate ticket slot/tickets

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Beneficiary: 10% of the total revenue of the Ticket and Sponsorship you bought. Will proceed to August 8, 2012 heavy Disaster in Manila, Philippines Typhoon Victims. 

Confirmed your attendance here (facebook events page)
At GNN (Global News Network) Raffy Pescon II with host William Thio (2nd from right) and Mys Sandico, organizer of the BPO Summit Manila 2012.  with Khoa BuiPmcm EventsManagementWilliam Thio and Gary Alan.
TV and Radio Guestings 
BPO Call Center on SME Forum with Boom, Helen, Alvin And Khoa

 Great episode on the BPO industry... watch it this Wednesday 
on GNN 7-8pm With Ernest Leo Hernandez
BPO Episode on Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo
With Bart, Irene and World Vision  

1. RHTV Pinoy Swapping Barter Negosyo
2. GNN Opinion Leaders (William Thio)
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7. U2TV
8. DZRJ 810 Khz
9. GNN Ike Seneres Show (FYI)
10. DZMM 630kHz Teleradyo (ABS CBN)
11. Radyo Aguila DZEC
12. Centro PSSST

Additional PARTNERS:
1. World Vision
2. Deliverance Wellness & Spa
3. LA Reine Nails and Spa
4. Century Properties Group
6. PM Pure Water Refilling Station

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