Thursday, August 2, 2012

Call for Contest Blog Sponsors

Everything is free from local and foreign travel to F1 and Golf Championship to everything. Its really good to cover events with the presence of world champions, NBA icons as a blogger see latest gadgets and coolest products even win it all for free.

But the  most exciting for me is that you get covered when you won a contest and not as part of the media. So Im Calling for Contest Sponsors on my blog. Any niche or products even services. Before I host a contest to my blog that promote a hotel, restaurants and many more

Winning story I called this project 1 million social media buzz. Why? More than 50 bloggers involve and lots of shares in facebook as well as twitter. here's the KPI facebook and twitter buzz to more than 50 bloggers network. Some of them got more than 100k hits even millions of traffic on their blog. Shared in facebook wall, blogs network, social media and twitter several times. 

And blog is being stored on line forever. See the links of Making online contest click, Winning Story Events Here, story about Contesero or you may Google the Bloggers, pro bloggers Involve and post eventProj 100k social Media Buzz Win hotel and $ Cash. And many more so if you have biz and like to sponsor a contest let me know shoot me an email

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