Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jaguar and Land Rover Philippines

I visited the office and showroom of Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover Philippines 4 times last couple of weeks ago. Office and service center located  in Buendia, Makati City and the Showroom in Fort, Taguig. I rarely seen Jaguar cars more than Ferrari's and Mercedes new models here in the Philippines. Last time, I saw Former Solicitor General Attorney Frank Chavez dropped by its driver in Shangrila Mall Edsa by these elegant Jaguar. 
 Jaguar XF Model - the Elegant Cat Creation
See this XF video of Top Gear driven by James Bond. It was compared to 60's Jaguar model to new one but they still look great. The XF new model ranges from 2.0 to 5.0 litre engine option can be Deisel or Petrol. With 8 speed automatic transmission sequential shift. Its the transition from manual to sport to automatic in one.  Provides the drive of your choice with onetouch paddles behind the steering wheel. I like this transmission shift creation or or what other people called techtronic cars. To control the gear changes down or up or manual which i test drive the latest ford techtronic model a year ago. I saw a lot of cars like this in HK and SG couple of years ago but they are right hand drive this time left hand drive for Philippines.

Mr. Occonor's accompany and introduce me its various latest model. I asked him are related with fast5 then we laugh both. He replied no, but he told me about its unique niche market. Unit cost from 7-10 million peso and when it comes to corporate they lose its bid with Mercedes regarding SM, S&R raffle, contest promotions. Because they are getting/bidding as low as 3-4 million. I told him that good things are not cheap. People who buy and use Jaguar got taste like when you compare Apple to other Computers. In today's age of marketing unique products is they can see the niche lifestyle of its users. So if its cheap they can collect as cheap material  and technology as possible. But if its unique and expensive they got the best materials, cool process, supreme technology and awesome lifestyle as possible. So after Benz promotion its now the best time for Jaguar to saturate the market because (people have taste) like to be or need to be different.
 Jaguar XJ Model
He told me how would you market this to this to unique niches? I said make them realize the value of it so this  video of XJ model for example. It's very fast its acceleration 0-60mph is only 4.7 seconds. With 5.0 litre V8 petrol supercharged 510PS. All in 6 speed automatic transmission with very well crafted beautiful car. It beats some finest car creation competitor when it comes to point A to point B displacement. And i will not mention those prestigious brands. But trend not only point a to b but also brand and lifestyle then a big "astig, apir and ahem don't turn your neck or bulge your eyes on my ride"
 Jaguar in Fort Showroom was very clean, good ambiance, stylish and spacious
  Jaguar XJ Model - Photo taken by my Handy Samsung Galaxy Tab

It reflects the idea of Luxury transformation. Look at the Blend of intuitive technology, innovative thinking and stunning design. I'm a big fan of Apple's Steve Jobs. As apple said they are working for several years on mac and it turns to be insanely great. The Engineers of this Jaguar Car also works for long time with engine and performance development over the years/decades. So that this beautiful exhilarating sustainable creation will be delivered to the unique niche public. I just knew that Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover are just same company i mean business partners or sister company's.


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