Sunday, September 4, 2011

(Manila) Pacquiao Vs. Marquez Fight on World Press Tour

Yesterday, at Quirino Open Grandstand dated 3 Sept 2011 under sunny shinny weather around 2-4pm. I witnessed thousands of crowd under the heat of the sun. Where waiting for it's hero to deliver the juicy message where true blooded champions face the public live match before fight countdown. The Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez match on November 12, 2011 Where the greatest sports championship will fulfill its fans thirst at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. 
Now this is the third face off to see witness and experience for your self who's the real and insurmountable pound for pound boxer. To uplift its nations pride by this powerful punch blows that will definitely resulted to pain for both boxers. Even they are champion they were still feel the tremendous pain. 

“Best fight of 2011" Pacman will defend its title for the third time to Marquez. But in fairness to him that was a close fight  the draw and 1 point score superiority he loss before to Pacman.  But still the world can say he has a bout and i believe it was a very close fight.

All of my countrymen are hoping that I win this fight. It will be a great honor for me to go back to the Philippines with the victory. I want this very much for my country, it will be good for my country and my fans” declares Manny Pacquiao. But still according to pacman winning is not easy. And i saw it and i'm afraid before the judge announced that he can be lost  that 1st and second encounter because it was very very close. As close as a very thin red line or half a score punch.
Prior to this world press tour I've been seeing pacman's different fights and activities. As well as covering its and various events/endorsements.  As Nike give honor to its greatest athlete I can say than Alaxan gives the best pain reliever to most hardworking and passionate athlete  like Manny and Juan.  Themed as “aray ko, galing ko” the hope for the greatest 2011 championship here on earth so let the game begin.  

 Super Fans and I'm one of it
 Balloons are flying, Carpet will rolled out and champaign 
will pop up. I miss this moments during my active training 
sports victory and recognition parties
 Quirino Grandstand along Roxas Blvd
I like the Bay Area..wish i could see the Rock oh no! its in San Francisco Pala
 With Cool Pinoy Dancers and they also danced the Mexican way
After Philippine and Mexican National Anthem
 With Promoter Bob Arum
Super Security blocked us on the Super Fist
 Host Henson was a cool sports announcer for over a decade.
Medyo Badoy si Mr Drama-Pogi mag host dito dapat Sports Personalities
But i like Dingdong and the way he host yesterday cool pa rin but not in
 sports arena it would be better like Mark Nelson, Rich Hard or Vince Hizon
Who's d men? The Real Winner? Men of talk
 display, fancy or the real man of result you found in the winners place 
 And the Real Pound for Pound King?


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oh yeah

arrielle said...

I am sure with it that Manny will will knock him out! This is an interesting fight for all the viewers. :)

Pacquiao Marquez Fight

Delhi Hotels said...

Beautiful pictures. I like two, first one is balloons and second is bay area. Thanks for beautiful post.

Pacquiao vs Marquez said...

This match will prove who is the real winner between two great rivals. It will shutdown the bad comments and doubts of every fans and analyst. ;)

Let's get ready to rumble!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

mayweather n pacman match is better than this..

Philippines Boxing News said...

I am agreed that this would be the best fight of 2011. Everyone is excited and save that date!

Phil said...

Marquez should consider himself lucky if he lasts 6 rounds against Manny Pacquiao

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

phil its not sure dont underestimate marquez he is strong as well..mayweather is the big show philboxing

jayson biadog said...

pics credits are provided from gmci pr..aside from baloons n bay area..