Thursday, January 8, 2015

eCommerce Online Courses Benefit in the Business World

Education has changed in today's world. I wonder people behind Apple, Alibaba, Oracle, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft helped global business in various niche. Most of profits company are driven by performance result rather than educational attainment. Whether you are a college drop out or not, I think If your not online your out of business. Maybe your just 1 skill away from living on the top of your field. 

What I mean is that being the valuable person in the market place. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino is offering online classes for eCommerce. You may search her name online. One of my mentor in the online arena for more than 5 years. Helped me see the better picture of the world, She is one of the expert in the eCommerce niche.

I was was just a contest enthusiast before but when she introduced to me pro blogging, affiliates and eCommerce. It's good to do business again and again with the digital filipino group for dozens times past years. Winning contest is excellent, but winning at the same time learning and earning money is outstanding. Another source of alternative income during unstable times.

She helped a lot of big and start up companies achieve its goals by training them to be efficient and productive the digital way. She does face to face meetings, summit and webinar around the globe. The topics were really relevant it today's and practical enough to use in todays digital business era. 

The education you may learn from her and company is a good investment for eCommerce future global trades like what I did. 

As of the moment, You will see current year round schedules or you may enroll as a student to various programs or (11 modules) in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Dagupan from January to Dec 2015 according to the modules or courses that you like and you think will use in a specific business situation. Like Basic eCommerce, Outsourcing, Website Development, Payment Processing, Supply management, Contract Management etc.. essential on today's business demands. See Schedules here 

The fee per module is 3000 peso except for module 6 and 8 which is 6000 pesos. If you like to avail the 11 modules is will only cost you 30 000 pesos so you'll save 6000 pesos. Note I'm an accredited online lead generator for Digital Filipino Training Program. So, if you sign up at below form you will get additional 10% discount. 

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount for the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program, just fill up this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.

Janette Toral will send an email confirmation link to ensure no one is adding you without consent. Kindly check your bulk or spam folder in case it doesn't arrive in your inbox. Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail that has the discounted e-mail billing.

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