Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honda Scoopy - Scooter Life

Honda Philippines Motorcycle last week Sept 3, 2011 announced the release of  it's new Scooter called "Scoopy". I'm kinda late and wasn't able to witness its Amazing Race. Because I was at its counterpart event of Manny Pacman and Marquez world press tour at Quirino Grandstand. Anyways, when i arrived 9th Ave of Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. I saw a lot of Scoopy Scooters with different styles and a bunch of motor riders/racers. If you see cars or  cartooned pixar cars2 got rally motorcycle is quite exciting as lady gaga  rock the crowd as well. See the cool moto scoopy rally here.

This bulging head metals machine making my adrenaline pump really high, seeing this low riders. Welcomed by this easy rider 4 stroke 110cc engine rounded head metallic colors match up with flying colors imagine (Red Racing Rose Red, Pearl Silver White, Black Panter and Pink girly thing for women). The last time i rode my cousins motorcycle at Camp Crame. It's cool to breath fresh air as I chased its various training  SWAT grounds and sports facilities (the men thing). Also going back and fort to Band office with my favorite place called the library (the weird thing).

I asked its organizers why you called it scoopy? They told me that's a short cut for scooters and car like the mini cooper. Also we talked about that government like MMDA must put lane for scooters in the Philippines.  Also various scooter model as well as its counterpart while having dinner at Ittalianis in High Street. We also discussed about its safety driving school promotion. Because that's the most important thing to learn. Not to forgot about my f1 instructor told me about basic principles of safety first. Were discussing about f1 simulation, do endurance race, engine & f1 tracks puzzle assemble and pitstop AF2 works the whole day. 

But suddenly he asked me about if I'm in favor or motorcycle helmet number plate. And i said yes to again i defend it for safety many reasons. Then you sacrifice time and cost. That's why every time i ride to my car and friends car i asked them to do seat-belt. Sometimes they quite mad at me because I do use to require them even at backseat. Well i realize that you cannot compromise safety good thing honda motors promote its safety driving school more often. I was very lucky i never had any accident. Or as simple as fall side in-on the motorcycle using my father's bike in Negros island in my entire adult life.

Scooters are more easy to ride than the horseback riding type for big and fast bikes. Because of its v belt transmission train and leg protection. It is fuel efficient cooled engine with bore of 50mm, 55 mm stroke and light-weight at 91 kg with spacious under-seat. Speaking of safety again it has parking brake lock especially designed to make handling and parking easy. Its side stand switch automatically Stops the engine to avoid acceleration while your Scoopy is being parked. I like its electric than kick start because it saves me time and effort. 
See "RJ" Ramon Jacinto cool Scoopy Song/Jingle/Dance here
So have you seen my bike?
A typical family got Bike

Guess What Ligth Mcqueen? Concert Rock in Roll Rockstars Flash the Flare Lights with Awesome entertaining sounds with Hot Colorful Scoopy 
2 wheels robots pretending to be mucisians besides front-stage here we go!
This is the Honda Scoopy - Scooter Life Show
 Big Power Lights like a Car Power Headlight for Night Driving 
with Bulgy Stylish Head
Spacious Storage Under Seat and Safety V Belt

Funny Boy Night out or the Sabado Boys and Andi Manzano are the cool show host. In the area you may see the scooter design  exhibits of its recent competition called "Scooter Project". Interschool scooter design competition composed of various schools in the Philippines like DLSU, UP Diliman, UST, UAAP and St Benilde. To read more info about the Honda scoopy event you may click Silkenhut here Crumpy here and wentots here or Visit Honda Scoopy for more info.