Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Managing People Best Idea and Skills Wins

Best thing I like Steve is that he is very Frank, Brave, Loud ,Passionate and Realistic. The video above is very true you need to select the best people based on skills and talent. Best ideas and program wins not by hierarchy or friendship. Talks About Managing People makes big and small company's succeed and that doesn't waste time.

I've seen business people hiring and promoting friends and relatives but remain incompetent. In my case i don't tolerate that things you need to earn your keep. Great thing I've learn from working institution is Talent, Skills, Ass Kissing, Hardwork, Politics, Great-work, Sex, Smart Work and Teamwork are totally different. Some people asking for my help but i told them that you need to earn your keep. 

And as a friend or family member i like you but theirs somebody is better than you that need to be kept so sorry. Will do this to obtain excellence and to be the leader of this industry. Because we can just can't afford to be nice and remain midget or incompetent.

You really need to surround your self with great talents and find not friends at work. Because the only thing you can do great work is the combination of those best combined talents. So amen to best talents and idea that truly wins. Not because they are your family or friends but the are gifted to do the job. This is my inputs why company has great plan but still fails. Nice and unprofitable, feeling pro but still industry niche amateur. 

Be true to everything you do so that your people will be true onto you. It's like when you true to you self because you cannot live in the world of denial. Be true to your Job so that your Job will be true to yourself. It will lead you, guide you, dress you and will define your significance. Weak work got weak result, So serious work got serious output. Its like comparing legacy vs inheritance or task leadership being given compare to being earned.

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