Monday, July 30, 2012

Hosted PBX Solutions, VOIP, Phone System Guide/Review in US and Canada

I made VOIP, Hosted PBX Solutions, Phone System Guide/Review in US and Canada businesses. We used, Industry leader Linksys, Avaya, Panasonic, Cisco, Polycom are VOIP products. It is use to connect the telephone (cellphone/home-phone/business phone) to the internet phone system. 

All IP or Internet Phone like Polycom phones are connected directly to the internet. To function via VOIP phone system. Now, if you want to use your old phones you can still do that. By connecting your phone to an Adapter or Linksys Adapter to old phones connected to the high-speed internet.

In most cases VOIP consumes 100kbps internet bandwidth. So make sure you got more bandwidth (high speed internet) before you use VOIP system.  To ensure good call quality. Most horror VOIP stories in the past made like poor voice quality or choppy lines. 

Is caused because of slow internet connection. That was 10 years ago VOIP now is the mainstream and everybody are switching on it. Even major carier like Bell, Rogers, Telus or Verizon. You wont jeopardize your business for a minute poor business lines right? So i have a solution for you. On a month to month basis and not tied you up in a 1 year or 3 year contract.

VOIP is now the new trend more and more people are switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol. Why? Because, Its now the mainstream of the 20th century.  As technology evolves in the TelCo industry. It gives them more features and functionality. On top of that savings than traditional copper wire phones. It reduce your phone bills sometimes more than half or up to 50% savings the usual.

And sometimes you got more than 20 features and functional keys aside from savings. For daily use that will put a smile on your face. You never thought that your usual gas, lpg, tuition, service fee or cellphone bill will be cut into half. 

Imagine that light savings plus enhance features. You can count in months as years goes by saving can be up to a couple of thousands of dollars as long as your phone lines is existing.

Features and Functionality;

VOIP offers features like Music on hold - It plays your favorite music even your ads or announcement on of your business. Like an answering machine plus like an enhanced voice-mail that you can always customize. Anyway you want so you are like the boss as the same time the creative voice director.

Auto Attendant - Like auto receptionist or auto answering service, an automatic answering machine feature that gives your clients a solution for their call. Hi you reach ABC Company, Please say the name or  press 1 for Accounting, 2 for Finance, 3 for Admin, 4 for Bob, 5 for Romain, 6 for Rico, 7 for Persis and so on. 

It can save you time and money. Customer can be directed to the right party contact. No more receptionist to pay or answering after service maintenance.

Find me follow me feature - It follow you whenever you are lets say your main telephone line is busy. It will forward the call to your secretary and if busy. It will forward the call to you cellphones. 

Back to main line and your employees of business partners. So its more of an enhance feature of traditional call forwarding. It follows wherever you are cottage, home, office cellphone.

Free long distance to North America that's US and Canada. If your paying 50 dollars a month for long distance on your traditional phone system. Might as well switch to VOIP to see the savings. You already seen the benefit of skype, magic jack, yahoo messenger, google talk and meebo. That's why its free because it use internet connection.

Fax to email - A lot of businesses even residential receive a lot of promotional even spam fax. So it waste their inks or laser toners and papers. When you are using a VOIP phone system. Facsimile message will go directly to your email inbox. You can forward it or print it out anywhere you want. 

If you are going to send fax to your clients or recipients. You can scan the data or email it directly using the numbers on email. Most of this functionality is free with VOIP. Let me know if you got statement of your phone bills. I will give you a penny cost analysis. On how we can enhance your features plus save your hundred or even thousands of dollars on your phone bills. I represent a 13 year old company with thousands of clients and process millions of calls worldwide.

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