Friday, July 20, 2012

Trad & Social Media Marketing Conference Aug2012

When Bart(TV Producer) and Atty. Vivas invited me for a meeting. I thought they were consulting only me about digital and blogging strategy. For  various campaigns as well as new media strategy for business partners. But they also asked me to speak  unto this seminar. And pitch me this big idea  in which I also recommend Janette my mentor. Who is the expert regarding this matter (Summit and International Conferences). 

As you know what happen to industry leader s such friendster, kodak and some company's you wont want to happen on your business on the latter part.  As  we go with the flow of digitalization. We can't admit that we spend more time on computer rather than TV or Radio. 

So the game challenge  continues either  this strategy would bring success rise/fall to an artist, group buying sites, celebrity, career-man, bidding sites, sports, motoringbizman, restaurants, products, Financial trusthotels, judicial case, cosplay, work results, Motoring, virals, hobby, simple viral travel, business expansion, fast food, SME's, club, tour, SEO, educational institution, foundation even politician (President down to Barangay Official). A single point or vote is a huge difference. 

So we strategize/consult/analyze at the back bone to ensure victory  for various industry as game changers. You won't buy a regular ice scream stick for 55 pesos if its totally branded. Faxing your financial statements, Nor entrust your credit cards online and financial status on facebook for background check.

If you could imagine the winning by small points can be big difference in various industry. As hand's on to some of this local and foriegn  projects you may see effective Traditional & Social Media Marketing is. And you may asked how did they win?( Close Margin/Influence) How did the convert that campaign in to a huge profit and inspiring recognition? How did they get that social media influence or charisma? I will answer that question to you in the conference itself.

This seminar is quite beneficial big in-tangent asset and trade secrets revealed  by speakers. You won't find in a book or usual quad media itself gathered in this organize summit. So if you think you are a game changer that thinks like Jobs, Gates, Istagram, Facebook or Google. Then this one is the good crowd for you. You can network to 300-400 same mind like.

So see the data below and Poster above organized  by PMCM Events Management with contact info 9980883/ 2279689/ 0917 2433920.

CALLING ALL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING AND SALES, SOCIAL BLOGGERS, ENTREPRENEURS, STUDENTS to our TRADITIONAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING on AUGUST 6 in Asian Institute of Management. To register please call PMCM Events at 998 0883/ 2279689 . Limited Slots only!!! 

Confirmed Speakers on this event:
1. Janette Toral of Club and Philippine Software Process Improvement Network.
2. Jayson R. Biadog - Will Talk about Pro Blogging, Winning Online Campaigns and Organizing On line Contest.
3. Jeremy Paul A. Obial - Chief Technology Officer of Mobext Havas Digital
4. Khoa Bui founder of Khoa Bui International on internet marketing, online branding and web design.
5. Amor Maclang, Partner of Geiser-Maclang Marketing Communications

The challenge to marketing and sales professionals is to integrate traditional and social media in marketing and sales because of their different platforms. This topic will be discussed in the Traditional & Social Media Marketing Conference, a whole day event on AUGUST 6, 2012, Monday, 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM including cocktails at 5:00-7:30 PM, in Makati City. 

For more information, please contact Media Center, Event Organizer, Unit 1503 Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Tel.  Nos 828-3333 Text/Call Mobile: 09396290207 or for more info visit the facebook fanpage at

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