Friday, October 21, 2011

Passion and Healthy Living with Enercal Plus

Last 2 weeks I was invited to witness this talked about TV personalities lifestyle like Paolo Bediones, Angel Aquino, Rock Artist Icon Jet Pangan, sports host  Wyeth and medical doctors talked about good health. Dr. Abbie Jaro told us that health is being compromised by most of us. We need balance supplement to sustain this kind of work, diet and activity. Dr. Oyie Balburias above discussed the hazards of skipping meal and sleep. Which is not advisable and will result to sickness and aging.

How fast-instant-food, junk food and unhealthy lifestyle we are facing to meet deadlines or reach productivity in office. At Manansala Loft, Rockwell-Makati City the success story was being discussed. Now I'm be more disciplined about my healthy meal, exercise and sleep! I was impressed with the schedules of this industry leaders doing for so many years. Balanced and well maintained like a world class pro athlete do, so they are earning now the fruits of their labor. I can see how busy this people really are for the Passion that they are fulfilling everyday. Sometimes they have to sleep 3 hours then do the work again left and right. And Living healthy with Enercal Plus by Wyeth in today's fast paced world.
 Angel a Busy Host, Endorser Model and a Celebrity stays 
look good like a 20 something single for me with a nice curve.

Jet told us sometimes he need to perform 5 show in a day
aside from being a father of 5, rock band leader and a theater play actor
Band Dismantled and Revive again by time..Salamat!!!
 I bring a sample of this drink to my office. And guest what? 
My Office-mates who works in graveyard likes it and it tastes good for Adult!!!

It has antioxidants like Vitamin A, E, C, Zinc and beta carotene to fight oxidation damage by boosting. While its strengthen our immune system and energy needs. Packed with complete 29 essential nutrients needed to handle our daily physical and mental active activities.
Paolo reveals he used sleeping machine to us. He sleeps 1am then get ready for morning show at 6am everyday. Sometimes he got 3 shows in a day as well as radio and coach sports team..Super Extra Challenge Rescue! Now these top brass are not only good in lip service. But produced result, they execute as well as build their unique identity for so many years to be noticed. Also told us anytime pwede lumaos ang artista. And stand out form the rest for a long period of time.
Toast with Wyeth Enercal Plus Executives
Drink for Passion and Healthy Living with Enercal Plus!!
Lets toast for more winnings and success!!!


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