Friday, October 21, 2011

City Kart the F1 and Racing Foundation

I'm an f1 fan and tried some of this fast sports such as red racing, tuason video-game racing, gymkhana, drifting and go carts since 2007. When it was introduced to me by MRRS i could play it sometime in arcade, f1, nascar or racing application games in my lost nokia 9500 and N97 smartphone. Lately with my interactive amazing interface ipad2 and galaxy android tab better than Nintendo or PS2.  Anyways endurance go carts last week at Citykart was a cool way to unwind from stress. I almost stay 6 hours on the venue 2 hours on the track. Racing and doing some basic schooling with Jean our mentor. With nice humour and expertise in racing since 90's...tsssiiiikkkoott....pataay akoo...kahitanoito..your late...hhaha                                           
MRRS 2007 - Basic Go Carts, F1 Simulation and AF2 racing and Pitstop Assemble
 ECCP 2007 Team Speedsters Vs. the Europeans
This was at City Kart on West Service Road Before

Jeff got this on Samsung Screen
Here I come a beginner again last week Oct 2011 so i ranked 4th. It's quite a long time that i didn't race but i noticed a big difference last week race. The computer system application were cool and i have instant stats on board and on my Facebook wall. So you can say nothing at all because the proof is in result or speed. Its safe and no more engine heat. I noticed that the race track in 7f  Park Square Makati City. Is more accessible than in old west service road.
 Jeff got this pic of mine and cart were very safe.
Jean told us no briefing no race! I got burn, bump and
 crash many times before at speedzone, boom2 and EK
but last week it was a smooth race.
Its also comfortable to race without race suits 
more better if i wear short or sando.
So he mean it safety first and basic flags 
red, yellow and black
 Its like NBA or PGA Tour Updates scoreboard every seconds counts
With a race diagram more interactive miniature of cars position on race
 My limited edition Ken Block DC 43 Shoes 
I won last DC fb contest, Ready to Drift 
Jean the french owner of city-kart told us that no drifting
But i saw some do drift and its quite faster on turns.
 Miss this 2007 European Champ
They use honda pro carts- plus the software race
license application was very new so we were lucky said by Jean
Smile - Tsikot, Newspapers Trad Media and Blogeros 
 This is Good for Corporate Events, Family Bonding, 
Barkada's f1 experience  and Company Outing
And the Winner is? Kaming Lahat Photo by Kris Kho
Jean award the fastest driver and the potok golong awards
3 on 3 game is all about team work as you race for 1 hour
and switch driver every 10 minutes, so we did 55 laps.
The Scoreboard - Citykart offers also lessons
  Results of the race during the Blogger's BLAZE Fun Cup 2011!!
Team were equally divided according to its preliminary practice speeds
Till next race - Trad Media are so fast
Singapore GP - at Changi Airport 2008
I still wish to drive this with  BMW Sauber F1 Team

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Thanks Jayson for sticking to the fun event for 6 hours! We're so glad you had a great time racing with us. & yeah, it not Formula 1, but we guarantee you'll feel closer than ever, till the next BBFC!

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oh yeah its passion..cough some cash..and burn some red deisoline here we race go..