Saturday, October 29, 2011

My View of Call Center in the Philippines

Call center in the Philippines is a billion dollar industry no doubt it functions 24/7. The culture is totally different at first i was in culture shock. That this folks makes Makati, Ortigas and Taguig life western style with incredible western or new yorker accents with stylish outfit. It all started when I enter this industry in 2005 as a trainee and i failed the 2 weeks training of american accent in Infonxx at RCBC Tower Makati. Believe me, I got a bad native illongo accent and poor grammar.

As i go along i understand that whether you were inbound, outbound, tech support or IT. You need to hit your goal or similar to Red Dot Culture on guns or sniper cross target. Your KPI or Key Performance Indicator is the measurement on how you perform well on your job. In business its like your net profit on how you perform your niche and your chosen endeavor. In life its how you live based on your result and character along circumstances.

After that fresh from college graduation, Oneglobal change the way I think for a year and 3mos stay in the company. The value ownership that I will carry along the way until now. That companies doesn't really care about what you feel they just care on what you really can contribute. Remembering this Owners and Managers Message You're not here not to make friends, chit chat, waste company resources or to ask for charity" I just understand that when you need to socialize you go to fb or tweets, school to study, church to worship,  gimmicks to have fun, championship to win, work to work. So business is purely work and fun.

In short ownership that you don't want to loose your own business -so be an asset not liability to anyone. It wasn't all romantic then i got fired and the manager who fired me was shocked to see me fired but smiling. But still after that, I still like and love what i'm doing best pitching, rebutting, closing owners and making deal with businesses.

Then comes Pacific Hub who thought me leadership for 5 years it was a good adventure aside from books. Because the ownership values i learned doors will opened like CCAP attending its various events make you value your significance as an asset of  every organization you are actively part of. Since i shared my blessings to my team and other company by making scripts for other call center, sharing tips to this blog and do business consultancy, connects/sold database, projects to other different companies and group buying sites like winila to awesome. I now learn how to hire, fire and promote a friend. Remembering this nemesis, As a friend or family i like you but i need to let you go otherwise other competitors will laugh at us because our value is very low.

Because of asskissing, politics, hierarchy, trash, junk or friendship we tolerate as a slow boat to success. Understanding that best ideas and skills have to win other wise good people doesn't stay. Realizing this statements our work will play the large part of our life and we need to take it to seriously and it it will take our family's future so serious as well. Because outbound is a very serious business you cannot be the cream of the crop if you do it half heartedly. Numbers speaks louder than its appearance-applause. 

Since i take it to seriously i won some contest and it will lead to another contest and projects. I win infosec topic about information on call center and corporate espionage in f1 motorsports. funniest job interview blog. That will lead to further winning, exclusive invitation, club network expansion and speaking engagements.

So it really pays what investment, education or deposit you made. That is the answer to most of my colleges question why invest in overtime, do other work or seminar if they won't pay you worst you pay for its? In every organization genuine people see someone that has a value. Of what can be accomplish of doing the extra mile because the majority doesn't enter the first mile. Just like the lifestyle of world champion do its always hardcore basics. 

Because you cannot be a blessings to other without; if your not helping/making them or yourself grow. Your adding yourself a worth and its very rewarding my basic is times 5 a year ago. I was declined by this big call center company's entry agent level like convergys, rainmaker, sykes, teleperformance, accenture 6-7 years ago. But now 3 of them offers me TL and Managerial post for a tempting 50k and i have to say i'm temporary unavailable. You need to find value and prioritize what truly important and significant.

Its ok to be fired or failed and be discriminated first because along the way you learn to understand. Because whatever you sell like wisdom, bad or good courage theirs always a buyer. Just do whatever your best great-work but it will break or degrade your heart first and God will do the rest. Will reward and penalize your labor because you always get what you truly deserve. Now Call Center in the Philippines is fast growing make your always meet your KPI target.

Be alert and stay focus on Target maintain the "Red Eye Culture".Call Center and BPO culture synonymous to “Red Dot Culture.”  Red dot culture is derived from the impression a laser pointer or laser gun sight makes, and has the qualities of focused, efficient and hitting targets.  I would bet my last ounce of courage to an excellent 007agent who push hard to do its excellent job well than a mid or soso executive.


Anonymous said...

Be true to yourself my friend... With the way you write, I am not exactly sure if you will be hired even as an email CSR. No Recruitment Officer will offer you 50k with the way you write unless they also sucked in grammar. Approve this or not... I suggest you remove your post before a true call center agent/supervisor/manager see your post and end up laughing. And also, you should capitalize the "i" . I checked other articles and all I see is grammar lapses after lapses after lapses. Sayang ang effort mo ang gaganda ng mga articles mo sana tagalugin mo na lang kase. You dont represent the PH well in terms of English... just my 2 cents...

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

thanks for your comment that's true men see me ill show you result..thanks for reading and comment anyways..i would like you to ask my name to pacific hub and modern imaging solutions and rainmaker to prove to you everything i say is no gimmicks. and i will waste no time because this is a paid post links as offer like you to read henry ford life to show you how kitid is your utak are..

Anonymous said...

Whatever man... Good luck to your blogging and educating our countrymen in your own little gramatically incorrect way! Btw, even your comments gramatically sucked big time and I just noticed your article title is also off... Are you sure you were in a call center? :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Anonymous said. Be true to yourself. No doubt, you should follow that advise.

Here are a few of your "dings"(if you know what that term means):

#1 Because you cannot be a blessings to other without

#2 You need to find value and prioritize what truly important and significant.
>>Can you please tell me exactly what you mean by this(esp#1)???

#3 I was declined by this big call center company's entry agent level like convergys, rainmaker, sykes, teleperformance, accenture 6-7 years ago.
>>No wonder! My friend, I was with Convergys for quite some time. The Initial screening would be easy but going to the final interview, with the way you compose your sentences, would be VERY difficult for you to reach.

So for you to be offered 50k?? I doubt it.

Like anonymous said, just my 2 cents...


Jimmy Saints said...

Well well well... you know what, that's just the way it used to be. I would like to commend you though for making us laugh. You should not consider yourself as a blogger but a comedian. You're English is far worst than mine. I suggest you write about your view of call center in the Philippines. Ah hah hah hihih!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Since you are anonymous your hiding something - ill call you all gayweather - for all losers...

i dont talk shit
means money talk bullshit walks

visit my office at modern imaging solutions here at 5f mckinley hill taguig EST..

Anonymous said...

There are three types of people the neutralizer, distractor and the enhancer. The first one is the person that don't add and subtract they are just there. And the second one is the one who will suck the joy that you produce and pull you down. And the last is the one don't most don't like because they will challenge you and bring out the best in you. Bro keep it up! God is delighted to someone who always use his skill and talents that will bring honor to HIM.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

thanks bro this morons doesn't understand the value of a top sellers. i made this blog to help the economy/ make the ordinary saleman became a supersalesmen..

"i scrolled down agad sa comments
saw this anonymous comment
clearly either bitter or doesn't know how the bpo world works"- ian

Anonymous said...

wow call center war..unique content lets examine the links and do research. real ideas, pure bully and wisdom..interesting

Grammar Police said...

why do I have to go to McKinley Hill... all of a sudden nag hahamon ka na pumunta ako dyan? for what? Para makarinig ng malupit mong grammar? At first kala ko joke tong article mo kase ironically its all about call centers... yun pala its really how you compose your thoughts... Galing! you have the will but you dont have the skills in writing... blogging is an art always remember that may mga journalists na nakakabasa ng article mo at napapa-iling na lang... ayan ha tinagalog ko na ng konti para "i cans gets the messages acrosses to you"!

Magpasalamat ka na lang at nagkaka-HIT tong article mo... dont worry we will help you out by sharing this well written article! Sharing it to the entire call center community and let them be the judge! :) ROCKS!!!!

If you want... punta ka dito sa call center hub (if you know where it is), may libreng English Training para sa mga call center POSERS! :)

Anonymous said...

nice article jayson! your making an ordinary juan who's grammar is not perfect to be inspired to apply in BPO. mag chachange career na ako mukhang malaki pala ang pera sa outbound sales..i saw the back links may kumikita pala ng more than 100k aside from basic na 25k to 50k.. wala palang binatbat ang mga haters mu kung tutuusin pasalamat pa sila kng nsa industry sila na alam nila ang agent at sellers ang bumubuhay sa companya..utak talangka talaga ang mga haters na ito..pag ako may ari ng kumpanya or callcenter bilib ako e hire kita kasi may pakinabang at etong lokong mga to e terminate ko kaagad at bibigyan ng leksyon.

this isa very inspiring links na hindi na dapat pumunta ng aboad ang mga pinoy.

thanks for sharing this real articles and usefull backlinks..

Anonymous said...

hey jayson wala nga namang perfect na tao..but di mu sinabi and offer sau ng ibang call center? yung offer ni elderise,jaguar at frigate? OM ni rainmaker HR?

diba ok yn? mascredible ang blog kasi indi sya contolado ng mga businesses companies at editor in chief..

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

thanks i just let them call those company's and ask to waste another time..i need to help grammar police i think hes jobless and have payslip problem. sometimes i hire writers for big blogging project and social media campaign wanna join me? i think you got a perfect english..i think you should improve your research skills before you comment para di ka nagmumukhang tanga.

Glenn Encinares said...

I read your blog. If any people read this without questioning your grammar like me, I will get what you want to say or what is your point..Sa pagkakabasa at pagkakaunawa ko sa blog post mo, you just want to share your personal experience na minsan sa buhay mo na reject ka sa mga company na nabanggit mo pero darating pala sa panahon na itong mga company na ito mag-o-offer din sayo. It also about the REALITY of call center industry (though I'm not from a call center company I knew it because I have lot of friends working in BPO)
What I learned from your post is how you found your success despite sa mga pinagdaanan mo.

Ang advice ko sayo just go on blogging...Ignore that hater or haters... my advice to you... 1.) "Tuloy mo lang mag blog, una sa lahat Blog mo naman yan paki-alam ba nila" 2. "Be proud, coz despite the fact that you are not perfect, your imperfections didn't limit you to put yourself out there" 3.)People who hate you are just your confused admirers; They can't figure out the reason why everyone loves you.

and last remember this :
"We're here not to IMPRESS but to INSPIRE"

Hope those simple words HELP!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Glenn Keep your advocacy burning! You remind me of Proverbs 26:5 Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.

blankPixels said...

I've worked as a Quality Specialist and Team Leader for 3 call centers before and I agree with the other posters here about your grammar. But, you've already admitted about your poor grammar so I don't understand why these people keep on dissing you about it. HE KNOWS about this weakness, now get over it so you can see what message Jayson's trying to get across here.

In his own way, he is encouraging others that if you are determined enough, you can achieve whatever you want. Yes, there are companies who won't accept you for they have really strict requirements, but there are those who would give you a chance. I have worked with some people who are not that good in English too, but have moved up to becoming a Team Leader and one of them even became an Operations Manager after 2 years all because of his team management skills.

Oh, and lastly, to all comments about his grammar, check yours din. :)

June Valencia said...

kamote, grammar lesson ba labanan dito? maski si anonymous pinagtatawanan ng anak ko na third year high sa mga grammar/comment nya.. why not give constructive criticism for a change? instead of whining about with equally gramatically inaccurate comments, we should learn to understand the thought of what the writer is saying.
God bless.

Grammar Police said...

Hahaha! First of all I am not a hater of your blog... I just hate when grammar is not taken into consideration when you are errr..... BLOGGING! Mas maganda sana ang blog mo kung tatagalugin mo... May sense but nakakawalang gana if the English us off (believe me its way off). If that will be coming out of your mouth you might sound like Jimmy Santos or worse. And to think na may offer na 50k? Come on man! Pare i-paste mo sa Word yan article mo at baka mahilo ang mga engineers ng MS OFFICE... Seriously, I hope you take my advice... you got the potential because of your passion but you have to take into consideration the readers. Good thing may Glenn Encinares kang reader na naiintindihan ka. To tell you honestly I was expecting an apology for your hideous grammar but you defended your blog as if nothing is wrong with your English. I understand that no one is perfect when it comes to English because it is not our primary language but that doesn't mean that you can get away with it. Talangka? You should thank us for noticing you. I am not sure if you know constructive criticism... masyado kang pusong mamon eh di mo man lang inalala na may mga taong naiinis at OC sa grammar. You should hire me? I don't think you can afford me. Sige take this into consideration... If let say in a month I still dont notice improvements with the way you organize your thoughts, I think your blog is still a piece of sh!t. Kase winners accept mistakes and improve from it. Yun eh kung winner ka nga gaya ng pagkakaalam ng mga supporters mo. And last question, you really didnt notice anything wrong with your grammar or basta may ma-ipost na lang para sa mga supporter mo?

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

@grammar police show your self if your really expensive?

Minsan lang ako magtagalog because i have foreign clients paying me. And my blog is worldwide i value pro and fair people but not amateur and trash like you! And i don't tolerate foolish person like you who cant show your self and craft? If your really good you should not hide yourself. Don't talk shit and CRAP!

I may look like a white sheep to you but I DONT take, tolerate CRAP, TRASH like you! Some people are paying me to blog ksi may pakinabang young blog ko ikaw wala poro ka satsat wla k namang binatbat.

@june thanks men your kids can see who the real situation. Please tell your kids. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. I hate to see owners/investors are spending millions and be wasted by smart mongrel's officer loophole for personal gain.

@sorry QA and TL mhel napunta sa spam comment mu n delete. Please comment again. Thanks for your honest and real opinion.

Grammar Police said...

OO na I talk trash, ako na ang walang binatbat, ako na ang amateur, ako na ang makitid ang utak, ano pa? But I speak the truth (about how you write). Di ba malinaw sayo ang gusto ko iparating... IMPROVE ON HOW YOU WRITE STUFF!!! Dude, you are completely missing the point because I get in your nerves. I said if you might not improve in a month I think your blog is a peice of sh!t and that is my opinion and I think more like me will consider. Why do I have to show myself to you? Artista ka ba? Pulitiko? Pulis ka ba? Digest what I have to say, yun ang masasabi ko sa'yo. Syempre pasasalamatan mo ang mga kampi sa'yo given na yun. Dun sa mga kamoteng kumakampi. I didnt say I was perfect in grammar but check on his articles (hindi lang ito) do you think you would want your kids to read it? I am sure you will. For the sake of kampihan nyo ang good friend nyo na very respectable sa blogging community.

and going back to you Jayson... I dont give a rat's ass kung ikaw ang pinakasikat na blogger dito sa Pilipinas or sa buong mundo. Sabi mo globally recognized ang blog mo at mukhang well compensated ka naman yata (because you declined a 50k job offer). Take ENGLISH CLASSES! Dont take it in offense. Magtaka ka kung walang pumapansin sa grammar ng blog mo.

And I am entitled to my own opinion unfortunately I have a bad way of expressing it. Isipin mo na lang na may mas masagwa pa ang ugali sa akin... You can tell me that I am trash, makitid or whatever but that is your opinion of me and I respect you for that. I didnt say anything bad about you personally like how you look, how you dress and your personality, right? I think your the one that repeatedly insulted me without even knowing me and even called me gayweather because I cant show my face to backup my strong comments. It is just friggin' grammar for cryin out loud! If I show my face to you I think your in for a hell of ride kase you will research about me and technically insult me online and then I retaliate (and I retaliate real bad) because I am just like that. Do you want that to happen? So I suggest wag na lang dude...

You posted your blogs as public so you have to face the consequences. Unfortunately, I am one of your consequences.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you want to convey to your readers in your article which is very impressive.
This is your blog. Hindi ka naman mamamatay kung magkamali ka. Pero ang akin lang sana, maging totoo ka. Nagkaroon lang naman ng issue sa grammar kasi grammar is one vital skill that is very important sa call center industry. Kung ang post mo eh tungkol sa pagkain o ano pa, I think there wont be any issue at all. Pero your article is about the call center industry and there is one statement there na sa tingin ko ang pinagmulan ng issue.

"But now 3 of them offers me TL and Managerial post for a tempting 50k and i have to say i'm temporary unavailable."

I also put myself in your "haters" shoes. In their point of view, "sino nga ba maniniwala na in-offer-an ka ng 50k-worth managerial position eh pag construct nga lng ng english ndi ka marunong..."

Naisip ko din na may possibility din na baka na offer-an ka ng ganun position dahil siguro sa leadership skills mo which is very evident dahil mataas ang self-confidence mo (no pun intended). You're a blogger who puts up article to be read by the people. So expect not only positive comments but also negative ones. There's no need to go RAMBO on your "haters" because they too, like you, are just expressing their thoughts. In fact, you should take their comments in consideration dahil makakatulong din ito sayo. They are not perfect and so are you!


Yung "i dont talk shit..." , "visit my office, etc..." and "show your self if your really expensive?" shows how you poorly handle criticism. Remember, not only your friends can read your blog but the whole world.

Hope this helps you and the others as well.

Anonymous said...

sorry dude, but I have to side with grammar police -- although his grammar is also frickin' laughable.

I got a whopper of a headache reading your article. please guys, both of you -- go back to grade school and learn basic English!

Anonymous said...

Nice meeting you yesterday at call center presscon with tradmedia send you business proposal. I like your demeanor and ideas. Hope my employees realize this and value ownership like the way you do. So no campaign would close and investors will invest more because of the right thinking you made.

Grammar Police No More said...

Anonymous #22 Comment: You should be the Grammar Police! I bestow upon you the title Sir/Ma'am Grammar Police and would likes to learns a lots of grammars. If that are learnables, I would loved to known everythings tha way it used to be!

Grammar Police No More said...

I admit mahina po ako sa punctuation at choice of preposition... hehehe!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

Thanks Sir! This blog is dedicated to inspire productive employees and potential investors to have inspiration. People and business to grow and reach its maximum potential. That six digit or a million net a month can be done even though your grammar is not perfect. @ grammar police magtulungan na lang tayo bro walang mangyayari sa atin. Sorry kung na hurt kita i have no time to argue.

Robert said...

Wow, I din't know that it's such a big business in the Phillipines. Do you know something about the social insurance there? Or do you knwo how much the agents get per hour

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

@robert it depends on the value that you give. In every business people would see your value. On social insurance email me exact data ill be glad to answer all your clarifications. Call center is a very big industry (forbes) here in the Philippines.