Monday, October 31, 2011

Going Gaga Over Gargling

Common sing with me..Lady Gaga was calling me..i'm kinda busy! i'm kinda busy! i'm kinda busy! i'm kinda busy! eh eh eh eh eh eh eh.. because i'm going what? Going Gaga Over Gargling. Now what or do what now? We need to take care of  our teeth and maintain fresh breath all the time. See my pic below look like a cartoon animation. You can call me finding nemo bulging face while gargling.
Colgate Plax has a new gimmick. A gloo gloo animation that will make your funny face gargling. Pearly white teeth is not enough it need to have fresh breath for all day confidence. Because nobody likes yellowish teeth and foul bad breath right? So Colgate Plax has a 12 hour protection that won't let you down. Either your with your love ones, office, friends or in a business meetings. To celebrate or relax we can do the hip-hop emenem or jayz. You or we can even do dance teach me how to Dougie afterwards. 

Feel the igloo air-con explosion in my mouth! No burning sensation check, kills bacteria up to 99.99% check, long lasting fresh breath check, i'm cavity protected so Im ready to rock in roll  morning till dawn!!! Colgate Plax saves the day!
I was involve in a lot of conversation in the office so, ill make sure i'm protected. Speech is power in call center or outsourcing industry. So this one of the confidence booster where i can do and negotiate, do boardroom meetings, presenting to a clients or colleges to have a better deal. See classic Wall Street's Hollywood's Michael Douglas pitch! As well as the same time Mr. Hitch pleases Ms. Congeniality. 

Is Bruce Willis wearing a cap? kinda! Nicholas Cage? A Little, Vin Diesel? Aha!, Steve Jobs? he thinks like so, Jason Statham? Bingo!!! 
So whatever I do, morning all that night long. Whether ill sing Metallica's or Limpbizkit rock in roll while racing. Scream out load while my hands is on control of yacht sailing, rappelling and jumping from a tree like a SEALS. Jump high by winning a championship, taste the difference eating in a food festival. Travelling around the world. Gosh! I know i am protected to say hello, goodbye and how are you?
Singles Dating Conversation in Singapore Flyer is fun
Toast for Living life to the Fullest!!!
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kanai said...

Like it????????????

Sina said...

wow, sounds amazing, but I didn't find the link...Thanks for sharing

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

thanks kanai and is in join now!

Sheryl of said...

sounds fun...

anyway jayson, i'm just wondering if you get my emails re: your sponsorship in the christmas giveaways at


Travel Food Movie Blog said...

got it sheryl thanks for comment ill email you reply..

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