Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ebay Philippines presents "Kuponan"

eBay a very successful online auction-store  presents "Kuponan" tagalog name for coupon. This group buying site is quite new and i find it more interactive. Kuponan deals words as a discount coupon. This site can offer you up to 80% discount. See this 80% super savings deal link on skin underarm whitening that's 1200 original price but being given for only 250pesos.

Lets say Sicilian pizza 14" would cost you 1,110pesos here that's 50% discount. And you only pay 155pesos on site and 400pesos remaining on the merchant itself. Either you go to the pizza restaurant or have order via delivery.

This is totally different from other group buying site because.... It has a successful global worldwide company called ebay that why its called ebay Philippines. So you may have the peace of mind that this company don't print junk or fake coupons, do business with untrusted merchant. I mean business with bad reputation or low quality.  

Ill give you another sample deal since i like Japanese restaurant. Try this wasabi. Original price 770pesos pay only 185pesos on the site and 200 to the merchant. That's again 50% off so if you apply this to all restaurant or fast food you eat. Lets say your spent 5,000 pesos on restaurant every month less that by 50% when you use this deals. How does sound or feel on your pocket savings? You may buy-pay this via paypal or credit card so sign up now and receive discount newsletter.

At this site you may see how fast the transaction is because the items sold were transparent. You may see the actual online shoppers like you purchase the items before you shop. Sign up at and for more info.

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