Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Media Crocodile

Literally crocodile means corrupt in politics, as an animal its a ruthless cannibal that eats flesh-meat and harmful to its fellow animals & us humans. But what if its used as social media a tool do promote artist, advocacy, charity and business? Does it make sense to make a difference? Justin Bieber and Charice Pempengco became so popular when he was discovered on his viral video singing via you-tube.  Facebook, blog and twitter contest are stupendous and very cheap.

Same with other artist, web businesses and internet marketers like me. Think about it! its very cheap nowadays, we spent more time on computer, tablet or cellphone rather than watching TV, reading newspapers or listening to radios. Businesses like multiply, twitter, internet business listing yellow-pages,  group buying site, SEO-Web development jobs rockets up, as well as software development stock market goes up. More and more business oriented people goes into venture capital hoping the help to the public. And can be called asolution to world problem as a truly sons and daughters of silicon valley. But who knows? I admire them even many fails kudos to them!! But at least they try and i'm one of them.

IT internet related profession in in demand such as social media manager, freelancers, internet marketers, chatservice, web-net-booster, webinars, call centers, outsourcing, email support,  online tutor, virtual assistant, bloggers are almost everywhere. It creates jobs and employment as well as the same time. It save time and money to onetime published ads or articles via traditional media such print ads, radios even TV.  But still an insurance policy that protect its advertisers money invested on online campaign like this. Im talking about the good crocodile that get facebook fans as well as get twitter follower. At this time that will make customer, reader, advertiser, businesses win meet halfway.

Bill, Mark & Steve change the way we live and lets admit it we like it all.  Social Media Crocodile offers various packages to help you promote your campaign on social media. Such as you need facebook creative customize campaign, view, comments so get a quote now for comparison with you other companies like comparing  apples to apples.

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