Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Free Delegate Pass to Call Center BPO Brokers Summit

Im Giving Free Delegate Pass to Call Center BPO Brokers Summit this coming Oct 27, 2012. And the reason why we organize this summit. Because we want to see people and company grows better than they are. To learn more about BPO/Call Center techniques, trade secrets, best practices from those self made people who are hands-on, on the actual BPO/Call Center battlefield arena. 

If you watched the movie Wall Street, pursuit of happiness, Boiler Room or Glenn Garry Glen Ross. Then you will see the real picture of what im talking about. And the rise and fall of yellowpages, facebook, istagram, friendster, multiply, websites, search engines and business listing. Then you know how crucial the Call Center/BPO, software development industries are.

So Im selecting 3 winners from facebook 3 winners from twitter and 4 winners from blogs.

All you need to do is to tell me why you want to win? So be outrageous, creative and realistic. I'll give you some creative sample entry below. So enter and win a delegate summit seminar free pass.

twitter tag @jbiadog
Ex @jbiadog I want to win a free delegate pass to Call Center BPO Brokers Summit. Because I want to increase my market value by more than 10x.
   @jbiadog I want to attend because the BPO Summit. Because if my partners/employees doesn't perform or deliver result, I know what to do.
   @jbiadog I like to attend the Summit because, i want to expand my networks and business connections. 

facebook @blog services
Ex @blog services I wanna attend the Call Center BPO Brokers Summit  because Im seek and tired of getting less than 100k net profit a month.
    @blog services If I can't beat my company policy then its time for me to exceed its net worth. So i like to see the Call Center BPO summit highlights
     @blog services I want to attend the summit because I like to close bigger merchandise call center BPO deals.

You may reblog this contest on tumblr, facebook, wordpress or blogspot then comment the link below. Deadline Oct 24,2012 Thanks!


Dianne Salonga said...

@jbiadog I want to win a free delegate pass to Call Center BPO Brokers Summit. Because I want to learn more ideas about Call Center / BPO from their services or products, to enhance my skills not just for call center / bpo itself but gaining prospective clients or expand my network locally or worldwide.

jayson biadog said...

@dianne it can expand your network and skills. even your doing it home based. BPO can be any business and mostly are call centers

Red said...

Win a free delegate pass to Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency Brisbane 2012.

Ronald DeLima said...

‎@Blog Services, win delegate passes to Call Center BPO Brokers summit. If you ask me I, would like to win these passes so that I can get to know more about the ins and outs of BPO, and how to be an effective BPO agent or marketeer, allowing us to earn more in this industry.

jayson biadog said...

Thanks @Ronald you have a point, that's grassroots of learning 1 step higher at a time.

jayson biadog said...

Twitter entry links

jayson biadog said...

Congrats Diane, Red and Ronald. Please claim your ticket at the venue look for PMCM or Khoa Bui

Mys V. Sandico
565 8851 / 227 9689
0917 2433920 / 0917 541 3997
Facebook: PMCM Events Management