Saturday, September 29, 2012

Insigths on Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 & Good Blogs Awards

Last week, I was at Gadgets Magazine/Coke event Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 & Good Blogs Awards. At Alphaland 6, Magalianes  Makati. I joined this contest a few months ago my issue about fair sports officiating. And good to see fellow sports/contest enthusiast  Resly is being chosen as one of the finalist. I remember its 2nd year at Trinoma, Gang talks about what if bloggers talked about martial law? I know wonder what if bloggers post national and local budget on each blogs as well as in social media? 

So that the public would know where the funds go and who's involve in this and that. Corruption and graft will be neutralized. Another way for Philippines economy to move forward. Also, the issue nowadays is very hot on cyber crime as well as epals. Do you still want to vote/buy them? We cannot blame other's we tolerate pirates and install in government the wrong people.

As part of good blogs award contestant, this kind of act is to share the unspoken idea to the internet. To inspire others about positive social values.  Not only to express passion but to improve people lives. The event was full of ideas and knowledge about tech-internet life. The panels (Leloy, Mark, Jason), lawyers, speakers talked about copyright policy, photography and piracy. I know its hard to a specific artist to produce such kind or work/film and get pirated. We already knew that, but we still keep on buying pirated cd's and download illegal stuff.

Also Atty Adel Tamano, talks about coke 100 years in the Philippines. As well as their good programs of building 100 little red schools. And coke corporate responsibility of giving back and helping the helpless. I won coke bag and apple ipod edifier(speaker) on the event. This audio electronic gadget co gives/raffles a lot of stuff. Including people who knows how to dance the oppa gangnam style. Congrats to all winners. Your blog deserves to win because of good will, advocacy to help improve life, humanity and education.

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