Thursday, December 1, 2011

Run BGC, Run for Trees & Subic International Marathon 2012

Its good for the heart and health to run. Last long weekend due to US thanksgiving Saturday I Ran for Trees at Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal. More on mountain slope running and green trees  everywhere were amazing.  Nice sea view, mountain slope as we ran up and down as well as gardens with fresh oxygen is everywhere. Also I ran for Soccer Run Rio in BGC on Sunday a day after-wards. In which you hold a rugby ball on challenge and stay away from goalkeeper. Before he gets your points and side lifeline with coach Run Rio and some bloggers. But oh boy i can't run that fast anymore than my active college varsity years.  If I couldn't win the National or International sports competition anymore its good to share & talk about it.

Because by the end of the day its not about how you dress or looks. And result doesn't lie all the way to the podium during awarding ceremony. Where true blooded winners are finally honored and determined. And it feels good, you breath well and your muscles tightened after that.  Anyways, I'm preparing right now for 21k not sure for 42k in Jan 21-22, 2012 Subic International Marathon 2012. My preparation for future Ironman and International hardcore sports challenge adventure.

Anyways last week presscon at Pagcor airport. I meet the Running Priest, Running Police General and the President of Extribe, Inc the Organizer of great tournaments like Cobra International Ironman Camsur, Triathlon, Chevrolet Powerrun and White Rock.  Since this is for  public/world good cause i would name this priest, generals, military colonels, organizers, organizations anonymous. But you may see them their in the venue even see them running. And they are campaigning and asking people of the world to join this competition. Also to see live monkeys, beauty, fresh air and exciting tourist spot called SUBIC.

Not only that How can you imagine a priest of his 60's beating my  or your 15k running record? Or a Police General serving sweat advocating to its fellow or ordinary employee to do its job well with honor for good governance. They set as a good model and example to relay the message to everyone of us. The value of healthy living, good service and good cause by running. Find out and join us this January see more info or posters on weblinks below. 

I ask them if they are affiliated with International Committee like the World Cup and Olympics. They reply and mention a lot of foreign affiliates so this must be 1 of the greatest sporting event in the Philippine History. And i told them the beauty of blogging and SEO its international and  lifetime I would help them relay this message to you and the world. Since they have limited budget for foreign media publication or campaign. They give me a clap...i said to my self that's the unique beauty of realistic blogging beyond borders.

It reminds me of the priest tells us to be a Good Citizen and the General symbolizes us to be a good public or private servant. And the Organizer tells us to be proactive, healthy and radical. I'm sure with this influence they will encourage more people and organization to join this good cause. Like CORPS and Dilaab a God centered movement organization that will impact every family and barangay's lifestyle, faith and good health all across the country.

More than 100 000 pesos of total worth of prizes, freebies, medals for finishers 21k and 42k to be won. Don't worry because it has 3k 5k and 10 fun run or walk as well.  Because even a  4 lbs  small high breed dog  run  5k last BGC run. Visit New Balance Marque Mall, New Balance Glorietta and Shangrila mall. Sports warehouse at Market Market! And for foreign participants you may call/inquire or email,,,,,, blogs or any of this sponsors.

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