Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Burger Buffet @ Chucks Deli

It was a sunny afternoon when invited me to Chucks Deli 
Burger Restaurant last Saturday. To have a Date! at Ground Floor Eastwood Mall, Libis QC

Enjoying free fast wifi hotspot in the area 15minutes before the meeting start
test drive my newly swapped macbook pro 15" via
Burger Buffet @ Chucks Deli
ready for attack! Openrice is accepting reviews on their site
For a food date a perfect date for tummy
Half baked European, German Filipina Owner Serving the Burger
I just enjoy watching NBA on 2 flat-screens while waiting
Home fresh made bread
Paris Culinary Trained  Owners put their passion into slabs and best sandwiches
Rueben Swiss Cheese with Angus Beef - Fries
1 of The Best Burger Buffet I've ever taste with
Roast Beef for only 255
Full of Beef and Veges
Orders arrived in time and made within 3-5 minutes
Better than famous Burger Fries Meal
Lamb Sausage Burger 355
Reuben 1/2 slice is 275 and 1 whole is 495
Rueben is made with tasty Angus corned beef
Chorizo burger with Egg, lettuce, mustard, mayo @225
Chucks Burger add 45 for cheese or bacon
Potato Chips @75
Mushroom and Swiss burger
All fresh baked bread from commissary
Hotdog footlong available at cheesedog295, chilidog395 and classicdog265
Vegetarian Vs Dog and the referee is Round Fries
Vege feta cheese @185 or half and 335 for whole
Eat healthy Safe for Vegetarians
Footlong Cheesedog
Chasers and Quenchers
Lemonade @85 add 10 for honey
Strawberry Smoothie @125
Closer..mmm pretty
Chocolate Banana Shake with Carabao's milk 195
Thirst Buster
Onion rings wham with Japanese bread crust
This is what I ordered Power Shake blended lettuce, apple and orange for 145
Pretty healthy huh
I chew the vege toppings
Are you ready for eating contest?
Prepare drinks first and consume 1 whole slabs in less than 5 minutes
Then you get the burger worth 400+ for free plus you'll get tshirt
And your name will be place to hall of fame like Burger Ave do
4 minutes and 59 secs or less is fine
You're a buffy slayer!
Nice REAd
Burger Challenge
Prize and Bragging Rights? Ahemmm
Smoking Area Dining Outside
Menus don't be confused of Faking Duck
It taste like a fake duck because its what? you need to try it
and see for yourself how faking
so fake stevejobs blog? or fake the duck?
How about french Kiss? what a name
You need to go to this place and find out why french kiss?
Because you kiss...and...and...
They also offer imported classic beers
my hands on the cookie jar
cookie chip for monsters
ale wanna trip like a cowboy?
olala..ang laway..
yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????cheezy milky yummy meaty vegy beefy
cut my life into pieces -last resort- rock n roll limpbizkit
Last na talaga to....
Yey super busog kami..kalat
My 1st Burger Buffet @ Chucks Deli

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