Thursday, November 24, 2011

World Food Program

See this Video documentary of WFP Ambassador KC Conception and look how fortunate we are.  I meet her and Julie of Julies bakeshop last week.  World Food Program feeds hungry children around the world. Most especially of conflict by war and depress poor area in Mindanao. 

Some of this children dies because of hunger. Because of war, conflicts and displacement. As well as their parents have no voice and power in the society. So this children dies, good thing that world food program and Julies bakeshop supports this good advocacy. Because you and I got both voice and power in the society to extend this priority of generosity. Imagine our 1 meal or Ice Blended may cost 100 meal to this poor kids. Some of them just eat once a day even tree leaves.

In every Julies mass loaf you buy 2 pesos will go directly to this campaign.  Julies starts with only 1 bakeshop in Cebu but now they have more than 500 branches nationwide. Having a goal of having healthy food to mass Filipino people. I hope that more big companies would support and prioritize this kind of campaign.

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