Thursday, November 24, 2011

JBL on Small Gadgets

JBL with Stand for Ipad 2 or Iphone superb kaboom sound performance?
At Decagon Silver City i feel the unique-sound of this small various speakers 

 I thought JBL is just for concerts or rock-stars performance  
For high performance sound reproduction
Carrying those big speakers but for now it goes your handy phone but feel the concert sound
I can say small but terrible!! More precise sound!!
 How about for cars?
 and tech Micro devices?
It goes with the real beat even if its small
So it can reinforced live music even in small or limited space
For Iphone and Sound System More JBL pics here
 on its Launched at Silver City, PasigCity
It has cool design not only for men
but for women as well like the butterfly pinkish Spyro & Micro
Feel the beat on your nearest Tech-Mall see more blogs here

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