Thursday, November 24, 2011

Telephone + PC x Technology = Telpad

Turn back the hands of time wayback the PLDT telephone was first installed to our house. When I was in gradeschool 16years ago.  I was immediately browsing at the phonebook yellow/white pages and calling friends house. As well as businesses bravely asking for Mitsubishi's Pajero's  and Nissan Turbo prize and telling younger brother who's also a gradeschool how good it was told by a car salesman. As well as telling friends on how much it cost and good it was. Aside from calling my grandma and family members in US. This is how PLDT keeps our family close for years to come.
16 years later that time technology has change it became more efficient and cost effective. I can now communicate and negotiate everyday around the world using this Telpad. As well and making a deal in just 2-15 minutes. From phone-call into deal, voucher and purchase order. Its amazing no more phone-book or unorganized creepy scratch paper anymore. Browsing is so easy because you can easily browse it by using Telpad tab or computer PC. I came to an algebraic equation of Telephone + PC x Technology = Telpad.

Google-Android nowadays is dominating the market competing and eating apple. So, with android 2.2 or 2.3 and gingerbread or froyo OS I can feel that i got the best application and OS on my telpad. The best technology in phone History.

When your in business its good to check the profile of somebody's you dealing with. As well as the same time take note or send a business email signature to them. To make sure the transaction is legit and you don't waste time talking and keeping in mind. You may add this folks to social media networks and keep the business conversation going. 
You may check its business profile on linked-in, facebook or special directory that shows your business partners or associates credit rating. So it gives you an idea about trustworthiness. Even in gimmicks or school activities we may share fanpage, twitter, plurk, blogs, multiply, forum, webinar or wall post easily then talk for its NEXT..plan..development..research so everything is in the cloud documented. So we got proof right? That I'm not telling you story from the Arabian nights. Nor I make monkey business, misleading and telling cloud stories.
I am an angry birds fanatic. So when stress comes out Angry birds to the rescues as a stress reliever.  So when are not fan of this bird fantasy. Don't worry android got thousands of application to choose from. 
 Now family and business bonding made easy and amazing right?

The best thing happen to phone is what? Of course the main show is the phone application such as PLDT telpad call forwarding, call waiting, 3 way conference, call history,  and voice-mail. Aside from amazing handy Pad  Android-Froyo applications. Of course web browsing is a very useful because in a winwin situation. Business-wise  those who have more information and data's got the bigger wins. And those who use new and advance technology got the bigger piece of cake.
Its either you use the AD1000A or S7 slim features. 
You can still share important message, photos and videos online in just a second
Get a PLDT telpad best friend unit now!


Lee Schulz said...

It has always been a sight to behold, the way technology just continues to evolve and upgrade itself. I totally understand you. Before just phones and computer, now only one device that works for both.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

its amazing how we can save time nd money using this technology lee. as well as it looks elegant as the same time tech-beneficial for everybody.

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Travel Food Movie Blog said...

i agree jordan 23..but its good to see its specs via telpad and call the dealer.. even send email for exclusive limited editions jordan shoes via android.