Sunday, November 6, 2011

I like to Win a Pair of Shoes from Urban Athletics

Radii shoes from Urban Athletics looks like a Rockstar Limpbizkit or Metallica racer for me. That's why I like to win this blog contest by or Pinoy Urban Music. Being always on the go adventurous proactive boy scout. I need to  have cool designed shoes like this. That i can use in the office, sports, blogging, travelling, racing and outdoor adventure escapades.. 

The looks of this shoes is kinda hippe so urbanites or yuppies like me that will appreciate its unique design. Much better if used to go to exciting obie trice real name gimmick place like the upcoming Maroon 5 concert. Common dance, make sipol and sing with me moves like a jagger. I got the move beat like Jagger..I got the move like Jagger.. I got the move like Jagger..  and it goes like this...common party party in the house tonigth... or do the trans move with Schumacher f1 racing song..nice rock adventure..pwede rin to to do the teach me how pomogi este teach me how to dougie easy dance beat side to side. Cool na cool outfit to para sa mga tunay na musikero at musikeras.

Music feels our life more meaningful, colorful and magical. Imagine you will never forget the soundtrack of your favorite film, it defines passion. Now this cool Raddii shoes will make it even smoother. Ill give this shoes a high five jump knee high and a Wow. So i hope to win this contest.   

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