Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Drink and Drive

I meet the 2 time world f1 Champion Mika Hakkinen last Saturday at Prive, Fort Strip and yesterday at Red, Makati Shangrila. This guy won 1998 and 1999 world f1 grand prix and give a real challenge to the prestigious Michael Schumacher during his time. He told us that he delighted to continue his role as ambassador of don't drink and drive. Because people are accountable for its own safety. Not to drink alcohol when you will drive later. But still a lot of people neglect and Mika is determined to help change this attitudes.  I signed this responsible campaign wayback its first launched last 2008. 

Mika travels around the world to promote this good advocacy to more than 30 countries since 2008. Winning this world companionship under the wheel of Maclaren Mercedes. Mika have the world power of fame & influence for us reminding "Never Drink and Drive". Together with new breed of champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have so far gather more than i million signature. 

Fellow winner of gold pass told me that they designate to group 1 driver not to drink when form group party. So he just join the party before and drink soft-drink all night long. Ill give you example aside from this, in China 2006 Shanghai traffic police with 10, 000 people took the exhibition on responsible drinking. 
 Classic Mika always told us to join and sign the pact.
Now join us here on facebook.
In historical Monaco 2008 it reached to 12million people with global media. to spread the good advocacy "don't drink and drive promotion". In which 30, 000 hungry race fans arriving in Monaco with hints and tips. Also free taxis for 500 people in evening just to promote alternative transport. 
Latin America is on the 5th year of successfull 'Piloto da Verz' and 'Conductor Designado' driver programmes. Extended to include 15 regional markets supported by Mika to Join the Pact. In Singapore JW provided freewater taxi along Singapora rivers to transport party goers to f1 party safely. I recommend you try Zoukout Club it has a cool trans race soundtracks. And its remarkable to celebrate victory parties here.
 Nice venue: Prive where exotics cars parked beside
 Next Mclaren driver?
 Party Party Move like that!
Look for Ladies with Ipad they are giving F1 Maclaren Cap and Shirt
I enjoy F1 race application in my Ipad2 looks realistic
Better than computers and PS3.
 My Bro Danilo - Mercedes with Rain Blessings
 Toast 4 U and Mika
I really like JW because they Support Ace Athletes and various sports
Like Golf and F1
 Finnish icon who beats Shumi
 With JW and Diageo Executives 
Its cool to talked about racing with fellow f1 fans and Gold Pass winners
We were discussing various circuits drivers and venue highlights
 Circuit Tiks "Gold Pass"
Wish to have many of this across countries
 Excited in presence of the Champion
 Makati Shang waiting for the World Champion
Drift & Burn some tires and test Mercedes finest  engine creation
Johnnie walker and Mercedes show us 
MH and LH drift signed on road video 
Jenson to Mika - Wanna be like you older brother
Teach me How to Race and Pomogi?
Mika signed me a racing memorabilia with this pic at Red Shangrila

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