Saturday, November 12, 2011

BPI Concept Loans @ 102 Paseo, Makati

Everybody dreams of a good Home, Car and Business. Last week i saw how Concept Loans @ 102 Paseo, Makati City works. Now i imagine how technology became so powerful that you can process that transaction in just minutes paperless. While the regular process would take you days? And a bulk of documents? This is an all in one showroom that allows you to browse the house,business and cars that you like. If you won't believe just visit the place at BPI Family Bank showroom at @ 102 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

This is the new Technology on How you Shop Properties, Car and apply business in one area.

Location of Properties - Is provided via miniature buildings and Ipad and Samsung
handy and large TV touch-screens.
Price Computation - Is Automatically calculated via touchscreen-pad.
 So Ideal: In 5 to 10 minutes you just purchased a car with free insurance, business or house?

While we eat lunch, Its VP's told me this is our pilot showroom. I got a good feeling on this. I think and replied this will be successful and will revolutionize the entire banking industry for better service. I predict this will be used to any branch later and be copied by other banks in the near future.  This is the new technology age! 

 I can browse even 1000 cars and property prices in just the area conveniently.
(Spoiler) Even ask the BPI rep to canvass which car dealer/sales group 
offers me the better freebies and pricing of the car brand i choose to buy.

So it saves me time, money and gives me more benefits. So i don't need to concentrate on details now i can focus on my personal use and advantage. No hassle! Even same concept i can do to business franchise. ( P.S. don't tell BPI rep, broker, property representative and your car dealer that  i gave you this tip)
 Miniature buildings displays - It makes you visualize of what do you really want? 
 Cool refreshments Like Figaro and Shake Stands
Free Wifi on the Area visit for more info
 Every week the Change Car Display of All Brands Like Toyota, Nissan,Chevy
 Also they will have Major Japanese Motorcycle Brand display next month 
Like Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki
But for now they also accept motorcycle loans
 Big Flat screen is in any corner helps buyer and loan applicant feel the benefits
Convenience and easy to shop or process loans. 
Or you can do car, business or property window price comparison shopping!
 On the spot - I saw Specialist just give a 7 million loan quote to a walk-in client in just 10 minutes.
Passers by are amazed with this concept; Because this location in the heart of Central Business District.
 See one of my Fantasy Jaguar XF


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Thank you so much for the valuable information I used to loan on a lending fund before and its help a lot on my business.


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good for you sugar.

makati office space said...

That is simply amazing. I've never even heard of loans you can get in 5 minutes and without much of any paperwork.