Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lazer Xtreme Wargames

The Boyz with Mayor Az

Last week i played this Lazer Xtreme Wargames with fellow bloggers at Market2. This adrenaline rush physical activities makes me feel like a hollywood action stars. Lazers team were composed of 3 colors the blue, red and green team 8each. I was red lets say an action freak fantasy i'm with Federal Marshall code name 007 vs 2 teams lets say Elite Marines and the Navy Seals. My hearts pump and sweat as i was the running man carrying computerized infinite life vest and Gun Lazer Ammu.

I was running all the time in that hour action game to feel the extreme action. I attacked the enemies sometimes alone and very aggressive just to enjoy the game. Since this is computerized machine weapons and bling2 infinite life. Its good to feel back in life again. This is really cool for urbanites because you don't need to travel to far location, consume a lot of time or prepare for costume. To do the men thing with actual pellets or paintball war-games. 

Just like the old action movies like Ramboo, Expendables, the rock, commando, Spielberg's war films were being replaced by the more exciting batman, Ironman, Michael Bay film like transformers, xmen or tron sci-fi's. Lets admit its cool to accept new macho action technology combinations. Thanks to Nivea for being supportive to this active mens lifestyle. 

Ive been using nivea products and they doesn't only smells good. But they protection last long especially for active mens action lifestyles. Aside from turn on smells to women so try the Nivea's men latest facebook-game-campaign the 360 silver protect. You might win cash and cool prizes aside from learning d-men suave thing!   
Universal Soldiers photo by Orange 
 Weapon is Hot as i enter the building with my Galaxy Tab
 Group Intelligence meeting with Jeff, Carl 
 Ammo Diagram Target - No Need ofr Nigth Vision
Although the aircon is very cold
The Excitement and Tension will never stop you from sweating
 With Molecules so who's the Top Assassin? 
Find out on score-sheet on counter
Jaylx with professor X
Win or Loose everybody enjoys the game!

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