Monday, October 10, 2011

American Big Deal

You're negotiating more than 25, 000 world class products

How’s your career? Do you deserve a better than average American income? Modern Imaging Solutions hires Account Executives here in the Philippines, but treats them like American executives.  If you’d like to join our team, you are welcome to apply. However, you must have strong telemarketing (especially closing) and customer service experience. 

If you set your income expectations above those of US attorney’s, doctor’s or business professionals, then this is the career path for you. It will not limit your growth or potential for advancement. After almost seven years of experience in the outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, I’ve been waiting for this kind of opportunity or equity as a business professional.

The owner of my prior call center liked my proposal to let reps make big sales and multiple deals and presented it to our client, but these foreigners preferred to limit us to closing only the smaller initial deals and instead handed over all later, bigger sales and multiple transactions to agents in the US. This was very disheartening and seemed unfairly biased.

It’s like you’re a farmer who’s planted the seeds and labored extensively using all of your knowledge and skill; only to be denied a share in the bountiful harvest once it arrives. In short, the campaign is pulled out from under you after you have made it a success. Customers are already established and calling in with business; something that would never have happened had it not been for the hard work of the many talented reps here in the Philippines. I'm talking about equity between nationals: Americans, British, German, Indian and Filipino. I’m also talking about corporate responsibility.

And you will not be wasting your time or skills as a top salesperson and great negotiator dealing with a bunch of idiot customers. You are dealing with business owners and top-tier business professionals; providing whatever they might need to operate their organization.

Reps here are making more than CEO’s do in most Filipino companies. The base pay (salary, night diff, and allowance) for this position ranges between PhP 25k and PhP 50k. But take note that the Manager’s and TL’s in this company are still calling and making commissions from their long-term customers. Including commissions, successful reps here have been consistently making more than PhP 100k per month for years.

If you can relate to movies like, In Pursuit of Happiness, Wall Street, Boiler Room or Glengarry Glen Ross, then this is the career for you. If a certain customer orders $100k of office supplies or equipment from you, then 10% of the gross profit is yours in commissions, which would typically amount to around PhP 150k. Also, this would be your customer for all repeat orders and could not be taken away from you by other reps at the company.

If you know call center veterans like Ian Bitor, Edgar Buenaventura,  JR "Hiphop" Farinas o r Fritz Koi Villarisco, you should ask them about this opportunity. They have recently begun their quest to make in excess of PhP100k per month, which has routinely been done by company veterans like Apple Alindogan, Cynthia Ortiz, Michelle Cabanos and Rose Mirandilla for more than five years.

The operation is located in 5f Oneworld Tower,  McKinley Hill, Taguig City. You should visit our site at: Then if you’re interested and qualified, email your resume to Eden Gan at or call her at 09152442268.  MIS has been in business in the US since 1987 and operating successfully here in the Philippines since the beginning of 2005. The work schedule is Monday through Friday, 10PM to 7AM (Manila time), calling East to West-coast in the states. Come to our office and check us out during shift hours before 2AM.

If you have the ambition to earn big bucks, here may be the avenue for your limitless potential. You cannot live somebody else’s life forever!

 Imagine you negotiate-supply basic office needs of the Largest
Business Corporation in the world called America! Live Free!!
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