Saturday, September 24, 2011

Biz to Blog = Blogapalooza

Blogapalooza looks, feels like a bidding or auction for me. Much like tedX (Series Tech Wiz talk), Speedating (series of dating) Iblog Summit (series of bloggers talk) Digital Filipino Talk or eCommerce Summit (series of ebiztalk). But the difference is it saves time to connect bloggers and businesses. You got only a few minutes to present your product like 15mins then comes next business. So bloggers will have the freedom of choice weather to blog you or not in the future.  I like this event to showcase various businesses in short period of time to new media. It saves time by getting the attention of influential bloggers and money for advertisers. Because they are available online 24/7 as insurance protection to their other form of creative advertising (TV, Print, Radio, Banners, Streamers). But most important is they meet halfway in a winwin situation. To get those audience the readers and customers. In the event i saw how HTC dropped its phone on the floor also spa business services etiquette or conduct and many more.

More than 100 bloggers attend the event and more than 50 products services were present. Now the buzz is everywhere and how it will impact the digital world. Various business negotiate in every 10-15 minutes much like to get the attention of this social media influencer at this event. Like my profession I do negotiate to US market in every ten minutes weather federal government or small or big business. I do also support, connect trad media and organize various events like Local & Foreign Blog Projects, MedChef, Charities, US Navy, Gsk, Janice Hung, Yoshinoya, Digital Filipino, Winila and the exclusive winners place unique event last year in which involves more or less 50 bloggers. Some of them were successful and some were not. Most of all important is I learn along the way i witnessed various characters, colors to whom to be trusted and not in future merchandise deals.  But this event is kinda different, ideal and cool as well, congrats to team When in Manila.

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