Friday, September 23, 2011

Better Taxi Service Value

Have you heard the story of new York taxi drivers? Most of them gets best grand tips from people because of tremendous better service. When you enter they will offer you cool selected songs you like, great magazines or news, tell some cool trivia, show the fastest route with refreshment while on way. So you be embarassed if you wouldnt add any extra tip from them in which they don't asked. How wish you will experience this in the Philippines? My friend let's called him yo anticipate batingting taxi and contract taxi drivers in pasig way to our office in taguig during it's coding Thursday nights. 

So he deserve a good embarrassing question from daddy yo and homies with no tip. Too bad why people doesn't succeed in things that they do because of poor and dishonest service. I'm not generalizing this people but most of them would pissed you off. I remember in hk and sg they always issued me receipts with a smile and even returned even ten cents. With better service you feel secured and even give them extra all by your heart because you feel guilty when you pay nothing on this value added great service. I hope every taxi driver will see the value of service like this. Driver from the east coast concrete jungle boroughs route of journey by this cool New Yorker does it's great work. Because great work is a gift when you put your talent into a better service.

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taxi services said...

Ya i agree too when ever you find a taxi service better then the previous one. then you should have to encourage them.. wished them that they are working better then pothers and more pay them some good money as a reward so that their moral should be high. and their service would be much much better.