Saturday, October 1, 2011

Men Thing - Axe Countdown

See the Axe Surprise on FB "the MenThing" - Axe Countdown. This seems to be quite exciting to feel the freshness of axe swabe effect. I tried some but i like the choco flavor most also its commercial "the chocolate guy".  Sabi nga nila "Ang tunay na lalake ay marunong maghintay - sabi ko naman bakit may mga babaeng di marunong maghintay?" Nakss..

Anyways visit and like them on Facebook  to see some humor stuff. For single men this would be one turn on for single women. Because smells goes directly to mind and heart. Another thing to impress women aside from looks, brain and talent. But whose knows the smells can also be one of the gateway of happily ever after relationship?

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