Saturday, August 13, 2011

160 seconds Fast Banking Transactions BPI BEA

August 13, 2011, at BPI HQ in Makati Ave, introduces BEA but its not a women ok? It means BPI Express Assist or in leyman's term Fast Banking Transactions system. As you enter BPI premises she is just thier sitting beside the corner waiting for you with a cheerful greeting. She is a machine like an ATM and guess what? Se will assist you to make your transaction done in less than 160 seconds.

So no more longer line and lousy bank transaction. So it only mean 1 thing your regular banking transaction can be as fast as a minute. So when I remember the movie gone in 60 seconds. This country's fully automated assist flatform will save your day. 

From your regular transaction like:

Cash Deposit
Check Deposit
Bills Payment
BIR and SSS Payment

You will feel the convenience and comfort before you pay the teller. 160 seconds Fast Banking Transactions BPI BEA will cut your transaction time innovation when it comes to business commerce transaction. 

To prove lets do and Amazing Business Transaction Race?
Its national executives was also present in celebration of BPI enormous 160 years of service.
 And the winner is Team Purple at 56 seconds composed
of newspapers, magazine trad-media and bloggers
 BPI also is an award winner for Automation and Networking Category
in the 5th Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards in
Hong Kong Jockey award last April beat more than 50
banking institution in more than a dozen countries.
Banking and Business World Editors
 Amazing Business Race... Ready set go
 BEA just like ATM Machine at your local BPI place
Slogan for Filipinos "Beyond Ordinary Banking"

So try this at your local bank and prove me wrong. If time means business and money BEA helps you save a lot of Business and Money. She is so sweet right?


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