Saturday, August 13, 2011

Muzikademy 2011 Tour

Janice Hung and Muzikademy does its Philippine Tour performance last couple of months  in SM Fairview and last week at Lourdes Catholic School Caloocan HS Campus. Now its good to see and heard Janice and Bands perform again. High school life is exciting and remarkably fun as the group perform its music passion. 

Although it was raining but still i can see some of the teenage, adult fans and crowd watched the group. Some even scream and take a bath with the rain like they didn't care. Now you can say this band can sing? See some sample music here of you may find it on youtube, google or yahoo. Just type in Janice Hung Songs or Muzikademy.

Aside from helping young artist develop its skills and became pro in the music industry. The foundation team does its Philanthropic work to develop this music talents among youths. Because contest and exposure is one way of developing somebody skills in music and arts. 

The Muzikademy team is also planning to do also concert in Cebu and all over the country even abroad. To promote the advocacy and foundations good will to help. So as part of its vision and mission, We encourage you to Join Muzikademy 2011 song competition. 

See the Deadline on Oct 10, 2011. And have the chance to be part of MUSIC CAMP and win Php 100,000.00 worth of Prizes from its sponsors and CASH. Send your demo song at or visit website

Watch out for the Muzikademy 1st Batch Semi-Finalist

1. Outer Lane Band
2. Anwind Band
3. Lila
4. Komiko
6. Choyz
7. Sushi Monster
8. Charles Anthony Lim
9. Andi Torres
10. Kim See Chua

More Batches to go and more talent to out! Who knows this child or youth would be the next superstars?
 With the Organizers and Ms Philippines 2011 last week
Heavy Rains and Noisy Crowds
 The Band At SM Fairview
 Cool Sounds Some motorist stop in and watched in theArea
 because its besides the road and with in SM.
 New Talent
 Her Students the Wushu Kids
 Muzikademy is also one of the Sponsor of Music Comes Alive
Last couple of weeks in Eastwood and Venice Piazza
 Super Hollywood Music Models the Philippine Version 
of Lady Gaga, J lo, Nicole and Jessie 
 With Universal MCA
 The Webmaster and Programmers of the Site
 With Derek Jen and Staff
MCA - Universal Records Music
Solenn Rocks - Photo by Derek Jen
Also with the Cool Tagalog "Tabing Ilog" songs of Tricia

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