Saturday, August 13, 2011

Asparagus Gourmet Feast @ Figaro

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus introduced to my taste by Figaro Shangrila Mall Edsa Branch 2 weeks ago. It taste good and  crunchy like the green asparagus explode on your teeth. To nourished your body-with green healthy food with mouth watering salty bacon wrapped with teriyaki sauce. As bread is a good alternative for rice the vege flower is also served.

As green Asparagus crushed on my saw teeth i was thinking of vitamin K, C and folate which this vegetable is rich for. According to food rating this poor calorie vege but loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Its good to discussed things about blogosphere and blog business affiliates with Dante, Fritz and co. Also good things about food and technology latest trends. Ann also site some of the most exotic travel experience, difference of backpacking between men and women and tea house in the country and abroad. In my case i just bring 2-4 pair of dress when traveling abroad or 1 backpack.
Anyways, this I  Also explored this colorful vege-pork rice meal 
  • Tender pork is cut on bite size with garlic
  • Salpicao sauce taste like adobo
  • Serve with iced-coffee or Iced Tea
  • Free wifi at Shangrila Mall Edsa
  • Magazines and News
  • Good ambiance before or after shopping even window shopping and business meeting
  • Fish Steak Tuna or Tanigue looks fresh were also served
  • Served with Broccoli, Carrots, Sting beans and Steamed rice or bread
  • You may request the tuna to be cooked as half cooked or more crispy or dry one depends on your taste preference.
Figaro is more than just as regular coffee shop

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