Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why Tea?

Being observant to people who drinks and do things sometimes it's not complete for me. So i ask why? Ive seen people like my friend and uncle drinks more Tea than Coffee, Juices than Soda. They replied it's herbal it has more beneficial to heath. But sometimes coffee taste good according to myself because I'm use to it. Sometimes i drink tea sometimes not but mostly coffee and soda.  Later i realize that tea, fresh juice got more benefits because its herbal and natural. And i compare drinking tea and coffee to drinking soda and juices.

I'm a soda and coffee easy going and drink it often. Theirs a moment i became so addicted into it because of feeling good. Sometimes its the ego of your favorite icon, family or friends enjoying moments of it. But on later part i realize that this is not the life i like to live with. Now I'm afraid of the news and stats i mean the result of controversial High Blood, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, Early death-rate and more. I witnessed some of my family members and friends suffer from it. So i changed although i have never experienced that kind of sickness thing as being active in sports. I've seen my other uncle suffer from diabetes and mother from high blood. 

So i must be brave enough to realize and anticipate this kind of things it. Before i became an easy go lucky guy. Last night I've heard a controversial news of former successful President who's daughter died from lung cancer. I couldn't imagine myself as a great leader, writer, soldier and a slave of its example called inheritance of ignorance system victim. Reminds me of a thing lead by example and i understand that human are not perfect. We have choice, but we have choice and we choice feeling good.. and we choose to be happy.

I was alarmed because i do smoke sometime in a blue moon as a late bloomer. I just know i like to reach a centennial age like the mostly Japanese do. So i must learn from this people bad experience and its a matter of discipline and choose now. Not only health consciousnesses but also the highest form of discipline to make it happen.

So speaking of tea I speak to Figaro Executives and Company during its tea media launch about its benefit. The 4 tea's were Banaba, Pitopito, Lagundi and Sambong. And how the system goes when it comes to its release on market and drug store. When i asked about their plan of export and mass drug store distribution, They replied its exclusively in their store. And they are currently doing it but its quite hard to deal with the system.

But i dig more deeper why as 1 of its executive sit down with me? He explained again we all came from herbal and we know herbal is good but we are still dependent on commercial. But the conversation goes directly to business and i learn more about tea and herbal life. Also business underground and untold story tactics when it comes to medicine and food business. I like to connect dots and be part of its growth. Which i have not encounter in print or success book. To keep safe so i wont detailed the rest of it. After this i why decided to drink more because i choose what kind of health i want to live and stay. So why Tea?

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