Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Bye Bad Photos - Contest

Blurred or Bad photo shoot  makes my moment serious or boring. Why? It prevents your hearth from moment's of joy because of bad images. Let's try to imagine if you are a journalist going to travel outside the country.  And strictly told by foreign embassy not  to post picture after. What would you feel? Or you have a very nice pic but the camera doesn't perform well? Or to old like the world war 2 setting picture setting and produce semi black or white images. Which is unattractive or not? or photo that make you cry like a baby .

Or you got some picture but it doesn't look good at all and you want to delete it immediately. So, "Bye Bye Bad Photos Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera" Old or poor quality camera makes our happy moments miserable. And you don't want that to happen to capture the best moment of your life right? Samsung ST70 offers something new to the market.
Join Samsung Camera’s Bye Bye Bad Photo ( and Win or Say hello to Samsung ST700! Visit for more info.
Send up to 3 Photos entry for "Bye Bye Bad Photos Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera" to win 1-3 Samsung ST700 Camera!. Samsung ST700 is the newest model of digital camera that feature both front and side of the camera. Use for easy preview and self-portrait making sure your part of the frame you take. Ist 2 features like the
   1. Child Mode - You can download animation to keep your kid smiling when you take them photo.
   2.  Jump Shot - Jumping and smiling with a visual countdown made easy.

See my Sample Entry Here under wrong angle and here under Baby gets bored category. I hate this pic at this time because the angle is blurred and i cant feel the boxing highlights. So say goodbye to old photos? Hello Samsung ST700. So its easy to join just upload your pics or bad pic on baby, angle or the bully child mood.

Visit Samsung Cameras PH Fanpage and find out more about this promo!

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