Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bridging the Gap Transformer

Its good to see Transformer 3 best movie on the big screen the 2nd time around. Made me think as we bridge the gap connecting businesses together to keep the audience excite. The setting were in Chevy Cars Showroom where the mechanical magic continues to transfom into a robot. Quite for me to anticipate that Chevy is the good auto-bots and mercedes is 1 of the decepticons.  Now speaking of this giant car manufacturers will transform to movie, technology and lifestyle to increase its global competency aside from providing good product. Also to outcast its major competitor in new cars, properties, electronics, tech solution, computers, people and systems with no barrier. Even is this kind of robotech film you can feel the freedom and love story of human history.

Plus the Lenovo and CISCO Central Business Office mobility, intelligence and convergence were amazing. CIA, government agency is has a great teamwork Action Encounter with Best Navy Commandos and Pilots. Best Action Director who rocks my world Michael Bay he is truly gifted i mean you know the men thing. Young Actor Shia Labeouf (Greed is Good Wall Street) is kind of emotional, Thyrese Gibson my nigga "freakin insanity" got humour from west side yoo (fast5) and wow she completes men geekness Actress Therese Huntington-Whitely plus tremendous chevy evolution technology equals great Transformer 3.

NASA and white-house Apollo 11 is crucial so the world must be curious? the debate of cold war between Alies and Axis or Russia and US? so fly me to the moon is a total mystery or a truth? Of course Trump Tower and Property will increase its market value because of this mass film audience. I observe the use of mix races of global people to speak the language of every country. So this world class film will give us good experience as we share the moments of weekends or holiday to our love ones.

And  Now this film i recommend for all ages whatever religion you may be. Because of its character reminds me of the value to when get inheritance from legacy. As what the creative Director Michael Bay leaves a legacy to its audience like me is a total movie satisfaction. Main Character Optimus Prime said your leaders will disappoint you but you cannot disappoint yourself. Creative Michael Bay Rocks! Transformer 3 Dark Moon reminds me of connecting dots like what i do i silently connect businesses.
 Best Friend Bee
 My f1 and Nascar Referee
 Hot Orange park in my Garage at Orange County...wish
 I like Chevy Tahoe Apprentice
 Vintage gets more Expensive
 I laugh at Decepticons
 In the Boardroom thinkin of best innovation and how to Fire the Competitor
Also feel after meeting i Partnered Fired Trump and Steve Jobs
This is also like a Setting in Transformer3 City Under Siege
The teamwork is done well in Bridging the Gap Transformer has a great corporate delegation of various industry. From robots to real estate to action GI Joe to car to Technology.  In my company Pacific Hub we learn a lesson of choosing skill and choosing friends. I remember winning basketball coach Chot Reyes Said "We don't need more friends we need mentors and Employability" So choose the right people for the right job to achieve global competency. Don't be too nice a bought a wrong plan, friendly and mediocre, nice and broke, nice and left behind, nice and unprofitable, lax and constant, fancy eye or lip service. So the Winning Term Employability (not in the dictionary - its biblical term of teaching people how to fish) will create Legacy other than Inhiretance or appointment as a friend or supporter. So no matter how people put you down, tell your abnormal or destroy or disagree with you they cannot ignore the word Character.

So i would stay always a better blind fold hardcore but globally competent with a lot of pressure. Keep on transforming just got better and better. As transformer here means to transform in real movie. No doubt that i saw a lot of people in cinema always full unlike other films. The transformation of leadership and connecting corporations to make a better result. Best people with best machine and awesome technology with character for the whole family you must not miss out. Autobots protect our freedom!!!  

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