Monday, July 4, 2011

Super Chef and Kitchen Makeover

Cooking marathon or cooking experiment and kitchen makeover is a must fun adventure for every-home. To fill our tummy's need also to express its taste creativity. On how good food were cooked with healthy ingredients. Because food it goes directly to the heart and love our love ones. Food mixture, food preparation, food techniques, food design, kitchen preparation, kitchen design, food adventures and marathon. I saw last week at SM Hypermarket Cubao and this kind 3months July-Sept adventure is happening to all most SM hypermarket Nationwide so watch for schedules here.

This 3 month cooking marathon is a good activity to increase our skills in cooking food adventures. Also to make us more aware of best ingredients and food preparation from the country's top Chef's and finest Restaurant Owners. So that we can enjoy more and cook well our daily food. In this event Chefs makes great food taste more great. Now its creativity and wisdom why mexican food smells like this and why do ingredients are done this way. Its so practical, ideal and workable and easy to remember without a cookbook or recipe. So if you visit or remember the country Hungary just remember the master chefs taught..Lets cook!!

 Look good and taste more even better when you seen how it was cooked from the heart
 Food Masterminds aka Master Chefs 
They are creative that makes great food taste more great
 Food Bloggers on Food Marathon "I like the Sinigang"
 Chef Bruce Lim on Action Cooking Bounty Fresh Chicken with Lee Kum Kee
Doing the usual Chicken Fry and Mix...mouthwatering...nam nam...
 Various Makeover Design and You can win this too!!
Visit SM Hypermarket for more Info
Lucky Shopper will Win a Fully Designed and Furnish Kitchen like this
 Elegant Type Interior and Exterior
Im mean kitchen design indoor and outdoor
I like outdoor for Grilling Isaw or BBQ
 Dessert Made Easy with Magnolia "Masarap Siya at Madaling Maubos"
Top masterchefs to the demo on how to make food look good
taste good and even more delightful as he prepare the Mexican food Burrito

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