Saturday, July 2, 2011

Capodimonte Workshop in Edsa Shangrila

Designing interior made elegant with Capodinonte porcelain lifestyle. Rustan and Metrobank presents its clay and porcelain product presentation last month. Capodimonte Workshop in Edsa Shangrila Mall was quite impressive Capodimonte Italian funny owner Devis Rossi. Told the beautiful lady audience that he is single to tell the truth only in the Philippines. Demonstrate how the porcelain were done and design.

Give us some insights and history of clay industry. Also demonstrate to adults and children how to make a flower. I can assure him that i can make as easy. As his work i can make a rock like what the kid of the host. Who wears an impressive galactica lady gaga costume.

Well the most exciting part is the story From clay to putting some original gold on it. We also saw some videos on how it was done and shipped worldwide. Devis told us you dont need to go to Italy anymore to feel the luxury because its in Rustan already. And most of its customer are Filipino's more than 50% even in US. The handmade painting by her mother were creative. That will make sure that the porcelain will never fade even a couple of decade.

Now, this handmade porcelain that originates from Naples, Italy in 18th century. It was produced at the Royal Factory that was built by King Charles married to Amalia the granddaughter of Augustus II King of Poland. King Charles was interested to porcelain after many years it undergoes research and development to be know as the world famous Capodimonte. Its know for the finest porcelain and ceramics with master craftsmanship and unique design. Visit Rustan and for more picture of the event click here. Davis message was buy only original Capodimonte.

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