Monday, July 4, 2011

Better Quality of Listening

Listening to recording and music made even better with a better Ear Device. But listening experience made more cool if you have the right gadget on your hands. Before I believe that the built in ear device when you buy a cellphone or gadget is cool. And why should i invest on extra ear device?

Well I'm wrong some of them doesn't make my sound experience more focus than Urban ears. Because it seals the earphone with a rubber making sure you can't hear the outside environment and the sound is internally going to your mind. When i listened to different ear device of Jobs and Gates speak at harvard using different gadgets the one you can call ear device, I can feel the difference. I mean you want best talk or music sink directly into your mind. So that you can fell it, its like watching your favorite movie on big screen or at home. Now imagine the difference? But other headphones is not that really good because you can hear the noise outside. So we lost outside noise, distraction or unpleasant sound outside and extorsion so this device make solution to that problem.
 Cool Classy Colors and i think its wire is very strong i can feel it
I don't like white wires fading to dirty white
This device cost approx 1200 pesos
 Nice design and you can connect other headphone
on this headset so you can share
Lets make it simple 2 earphone with friend or 3 friends in 1 gadget or laptop
 Its like a wire at home with fire protective layer
I cant tear this
 Old fashion but classy style
 Digital Walker Cafe Meal
 I like the Mouthwatering Corn Soup and Iced Tea taste different and fresh
 I ask him why i should invest?
 They replied its better than built in with cellphones or Ear Device
Which i agree later when i use the Urban Ear
Howard Po & Co told us that you can feel the acoustics
 Since he was also in the music recording industry
Another question from Kumagcow Stylish IT pro 

Also in my work when listening to mp3 files or sound-files of my reps conversation. I don't like to be disturb by outside noise because disputes are very crucial making sure that rep is not misleading.  And quality has a common sense to become a fair referee to both parties to protect the consumer and businesses. Not to be carried away by emotion of both parties but to execute fair dispute judgement. Visit Digital Walker in Eastwood Mall or Trinoma and experience Urban Ear so you can agree or disagree with me? See other FPJ Blog here. This device won peoples choice awards in Sweden and Germany also found in Elle and Vogue prestigious publication.

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