Monday, July 4, 2011

Love as I See IT

How do you define Love? Flower is 1 of love symbol to give and share love. Island Rose is having a Picture Contest themed.  "Love as I See IT" You may Join this Contest and Win 100k. For more info click here or visit and like them on facebook. Its so simply just blog send them your picture with caption. Flowers is a symbol of love so lets see how you can relate to true love.

See My Entry:

Love as I see has Heart, Mind and Soul. It walk the talk and empowers the body to act and serve. Its the combination of Virtue and Character. It helps how to solve problem such as social iniquity and  helps the helpless. Because he/she who get the more blessings are expected to give back in return. As we always offer flower to church and church activities or events. In this case United Church leaders, NGU's & Volunteers do voluntary education, feeding and medical mission. Goes bravely to squatters area to explains Christianity, Education to Youth, Give Medical, Dental and do Feeding Mission for Malnourished Kids.

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