Friday, July 8, 2011

Value of Nation and Gold Medals

As money currency lets say oil and dollar goes up and down. What will happen to the rest of our basic commodities? Let me think why do people invest for gold medallion or bars. Maybe It's the honor thing, sentimental value, fancy thing or its like a good collection? That you may feel your like a Nobel Laureate, Be-medalled soldier, Superstar, Special, Recognize, Superior or  an Olympic Champion. I like real 24k gold to be used as medal of honor to soldiers, prize for world champions and achievers.

I think of Buying gold bullion is an option for your wealth diversification aside from its extraordinary feeling. Making me sure that this gold has a value over a decade even century (being given by special someone). Gold doesn't fade and it is used as currency of our ancestors. As gold is just a thing it cannot move and talk but it has a value here on earth. I like the beauty and design when this where pattern to a great mans work, art or country. This great metal makes look even more greater when awarded to a certain extraordinary or precious man. It wont fade like the gold thing. But most of all it wont fade in the mind of every believer.

Even if you have watched movie like Indiana Jones, Troy, Old War and National Treasure the Gold is like one of the basis of wealth. Made me think that money and properties can be destroy by calamities like fire or flood. So why do invest in gold? See some gold stuff and country brave eagle bullion here. Trading during the old civilization is done by gold. So as James Bond movie says "diamonds are forever" i think i  can say now that golds are forever, what you think? See free gold bullion guide here (

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