Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everyday Heroes "Bayani Ng Kalsada"

Most of us like Superheroes and dead heroes but the mot important among all for me. Is our everyday heroes like normal people we live and work with. I witnessed last week actual heroes from all over the country. This are normal drivers like Taxi, Truck, passenger jeepney even tricycle drivers even Private drivers or motorist like you who selfishly saves peoples life in times of accidents, troubles, crimes even returned property and $80, 000 cash left behind by owner.

Now Goodyear has good corporate responsibility to honor drivers and road heroes. 5 award winning highway heroes who demonstrate bravery for the benefit of strangers. The Host TV persona Cito Beltran asks everyone of us What if? your mother, sister or daughter is in accident at night in remote area. As we saw some crime scene, heroic act of finalist and accident, love ones, friend, family even death of victims on TVC most of the media fall tears including me. What would you say to those ordinary driver who save their life and help them? In today's time we need to instill this good service to most motorist and drivers that no matter what accident we encounter we must help those people.

As Everyday Heroes "Bayani Ng Kalsada" advocacy and contest continue for the past five years. I hope you can nominate or remind our people, drivers, motorists about this good intention. Goodyear commit this selfless act beyond public safety driving. Di lang pala sweet lover young driver they can be hero as well. Winners from Luzon, Metro, Visayas, Mindanao and National winners also gets a wonderful "harana" song by Gail Blanco (Philippine Idol) during the Event.

Congrats!!!! to Jeepney Driver Valerio Parakas witnessed truck and L300 van crash and rush 3 victims to hospital. Trike Driver Domer Montenegro who save dying man inside the Jeepney. Taxi Driver Herdy Bucayan Banidillion who witnessed robbery and report it to PNP. Taxi Driver who rescue 19 yr old teen desperately need a ride for her aunt stroke. Jeepney driver who heard gunshots and rust victims to hospitals but the unfortunately child didn't survive.

In this case these drivers have choice to save or not. Because they need to earn a meager living and would waste time on this heroic act. Some of past winners are being scolded by their boss because the driver help this accident victim instead of driving the boss to its appointments. I hope this will not happen to everyone and as an act of selfish humanity. Most of the winners message to the public to help the helpless in case of the road accidents. So we can be all next Everyday Heroes or "Bayani Ng Kalsada". To nominate see link here or here and get a chance to win goodies, 30k and 50k cash like what the past winners do. Visit  facebook or http://www.goodyear.com.ph for more info.

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