Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enderun Food Kitchen Series

Watching cooking demo of Food Magazine couple of weeks ago remembers me. How this talented Chef's make the good food taste even better. ADF Enderun a world class culinary school showcase this Food Kitchen Series. They teach us how to cooking arts, taste secrets, foodie principles, baking style and creative design to the ff. food below.
Tuna Salmon with Herbs and Potatoes
Very Soft and Melts in your mouth
 Macaroni and Fish Ssssauce, i like the tomato and green leaf
 Cannelloni in mouth watering Tomato Fishhh Savour
 Shrimp TarTar Burger Made by Chef Mark
The Best Burger I've tasted than Any Restaurant in the Metro
 Cannelloni on Serve by Chef See
 Super like this Soft  Chicken Basquaise with Stewed Sweet Peppers 
Tomato were so young and tasty
 Master Chefs "Magaling"
 When their is Farmville, Cityville I can called this
 Foodville in Apple, Android or PC Games
 Cake Bites feel the layers
 Looks like an Artistic Designed Church Outside 
 Chocolate Cake Mousse with Cherry
Chef tech us the proper way of baking, designing
 and removing the cake from the tray
Chef See Cooks Riso Nero Alla Fiorentina (Black Rice with Cuttlefish)  
Cooked with Wine and here you go Negra!!!
Black is Beautiful Tasty Good
 You may like to enroll and Enderun Short Cooking Class Courses
The Black Mamba Negra! Melts in Wine and Octopussy
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