Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Century Tuna Superbodies

Sexy and Healthy body represents Century Pacific Century Tuna. Now, Angel Locsin (Award Winning Actress) and Phil Younghusband (Champion Football/Soccer Player -Azkals) is the newest Century Tuna endorser. This is a good combination because both stars represents the healthy body and good healthy lifestyle. Before i run with Derek Ramsay to promote good health with the support of this healthy tuna. So having super-bodies slogan or tag line need to "Reveal the Sexier and Healthier You" Century tuna is reach in omega 3 that is good for the hearth with low cholesterol.

 She ask me if Samsung Galaxy Tab is Good
I told her Yes i think she likes to have 1.
Last week i meet Phil and Angel personally at Intercon and talk about their latest endorsement. And i can noticed the actual healthy body and their love kilig moments. As Magics's Sam Yg and Media bombared them personal questions about their relationship. Aside from Tuna Century also have Bangus tied up with Yoshinoya. So healthy food are now on your supermarket groceries and favorite Japanese world leading restaurant.  About the Taste of Century Tuna in Can is really good. Sometimes its much better than any fast-food meal. Its good for baon or fast meal because its taste delicioussszzz...low fat with vegetable oil for healthy heart..
 Healthy tuna
 Supermodels and Posters you may See in Billboards in Edsa or Supermarkets Ads

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