Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Year Standard Protection Volvo

It feels good to be protected for five years and whats good about Volvo Philippines car company is not they only care for sales. They care when you were down i mean unexpected things may happen. What make them unique to other car dealers is its warranty with unlimited mileage for 5 years. Because other company comes first for 100 000 km or 5 year warranty. Here its not about the option its about the unlimited care for 5years. Now that makes you feel a true care because its a worry free ownership.

So if you have purchased new Volvo you have peace of mind. That they care about your need, safety and family value after acquisition. Like what they do to some of its promotion like the mothers day or 5 year warranty protection like this. I just realized that when my car runs good you have friends. But when it broke's/malfunction or in trouble you know who your true friends are even good and bad friends, strangers on the road or service center/car repair shop. I'm sure you realize how does it feel? So feel protected with Volvo 5 Year Standard Protection.

My mother was very happy when i won a mothers day special contest for her courtesy of Volvo or Viking Cars Inc. Thanks Shirley, John and Team Volvo for choosing me! In each Volvo owners Volvo officers prescribed to have your car check up regularly as part or Volvo service center validity. It also comes up with a 24/7 roadside assistance so feel safe and secured. BTW, Also I'm a big fan or Nicholas Cage I look like him i saw Volvo was 1 of the partners in National Treasure Blockbuster Hollywood film and it runs cool soft elegant. I like also the Volvo ocean race sports challenge. Visit Volvo Philippines for more info or the showroom in Makati and Cebu.

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