Friday, July 15, 2011

Defence "Rigth to Live"

Everybody has the rigth to live now its very important that we learn and understand defence tactics. The AFAD or Associations of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers. Presents Defence and Sporting Arms Show in SM Megatradehall 1 & 2 dated July 14-18, 2011. On first day opening ceremony Guest speaker PDDG Belarmino (Champion Martial Artist, Athlete and Shooter) gives its speech and knowledge about public safety.

Because the PDG Baclazo was on Mindanao special mission to solve urgent insurgency. I also seen a lady Police General and most of all champion shooters (Philippines National Team) as they wave the flag to worldwide shooting arena. Like the World Shoot XVI in Rhodes, Greece in October. Honestly speaking i like guns but im very much dissappointed when it were use to abuse, sell courage, threat or to show power. I mean goes to the hands of terrorist, irresponsible owners, boastful owners, gangsters, criminals and dirty politicians.

Remember some of the techniques were demonstated by men in uniform in case of hold up, robbery, gang moves and theft. Themed as "Rigth to Live, Rigth to Life" we need to defend our life and freedom at all cost. As evil wins when good men do nothing so lets support the legal and the good one. Lets say you cannot afford to defend yourself in times of criminal lawlessness. I remember last Arms show martial arts were taugth and gadgets were released to the market to protect most women. Most especially who works at nigth lets say my fellow employee in call center. Like sprays, electric shock also some defence driving skill.

I can also teach them(public) the best defence as what my father told me. Even though my belt is black i need to run as fast as i can in avoidance of fight or trouble called "sayonachi" sayo na tsinelas ko. As simple as ignore-turnback argument the action called non-sense challenge or foolishness. Because if you figth back you may win or loose but if you run fast this case you always win. Also my cousin taugth me some defence driving on how hes expertise of protecting the Admiral and VIPs.

Responsible gun ownership must be instilled to the mind and heart of believer to ensure public safety. As Philippine Constabulary code of 1987 talks about peace and order, protection of life, liberty, property,enjoyment of blessings and democracy. Lets we not forget the sacrifice of our man in uniform. Including some members of my family and friends who wages thier life in pursuit of our freedom and happiness.

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